Goal Tracking in Google Analytics?

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    I'm trying to track goals for one of my clients websites through their analytics, but their website's checkout page is on a secured sub-domain instead of the main domain. I know in Goal tracking, you can just input the URL of the goal as well as the funnel excluding the front part of the domain:

    e.g., if it were www.domain.com/conversions/ you just put in /conversions/

    However, in this case, my client's checkout page is on a sub-domain (www.my.domain.com/conversions/) and I need to track the goals of that sub-domain. I already have my tracking code configured properly to track all domains and sub-domains and I've even set up an advanced filter in Analytics to view which pages are on my sub-domain and which ones on main. My question is... how can I track goals over sub-domains?

    Do I just put /conversions/ as the URL and analytics will automatically detect that its a sub-domain? How would I set this up?
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    This is a good question. Assuming you have all of your tracking script configured properly, you should just be able to use /conversions as the goal URL in your sub-domain profile if this is the only domain that uses that request URI. If you have the same request URI attached to the main host name (domain.com as opposed to my.domain.com), as long as the tracking script is configured to transfer visitor session information, you should still be able to differentiate between goals completed from the request URI on the main domain and those created by the request URI on the sub-domain although it would require some manual manipulation of numbers on your part (i.e. excluding those goals that happened on the main host name request URI from those that you actually want).

    Note: If the only host name that has the request URI of /conversions is on the sub-domain, only set the goal up in that profile otherwise a goal will not be tracked.

    Also, you may want to check out this video from Google on configuring your tracking code to track across domains. It includes a section on sub domain tracking and transferring visitor session information so that reports are easier to decipher. It does not touch on goals however ensuring that your tracking script is configured correctly will allow this set up to function the way you want it to.


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