Goal to Reach $100 per day Writing Articles and Grow an Affiliate Income to $200 per day

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    I've been interested in affiliate marketing, websites and SEO since I was 13 and I'm now in my twenties. I feel like I know exactly how to be successful with this and I've even had some major success in the past, but I've never set a goal and really worked my ass off toward achieving it. When I was 15 I invested in a domain that ended up making around $24,000. I really only redirected the domain to an affiliate offer. The traffic to the domain was short-term and the product died out, but it was a taste of success and it felt amazing. I was able to save a good amount of that money until my 20's, as well as make more money through content writing services as a freelancer, and I've managed to get a one bedroom condo. I really don't have that many expenses for living on my own and I've got plenty of time to give this a real shot. I just need to commit.

    My goal right now is to reach $100 per day (6 days per week) writing articles. I'm currently making about $60-$70 per day and I want to ramp that up starting tomorrow.
    That will give me enough money to where I can use whatever time I have left over to work on growing an affiliate income to $200 per day.

    I go to school full-time for computer science so I'll have to work this into my schedule whatever way I can.

    I'll keep it short for now and update with additional posts.
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