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Hello mate.

You mentioned we have to use your proxies. Is there any additional cost for using them or is it included in the price

How many emails can we send per day
So the amount of emails you can send depends of how many emails each of your account is capable of sending.
Example: If your accounts are capable of sending 20 emails daily, and you have purchased a 20 account plan, then you can send 20*20= 400 emails daily. Well warmed up accounts are usually capable of sending way more though

Do we need smtp?
No, you don't need an SMTP, only Gmail accounts. Gmail accounts are using Google SMTP (GSMTP) so you are basically using Gmail therefore no need to create complex server setups. Check out the FAQ here: https://gmonster.co/faq/
1. can use our own domain for sending?
2. any warm-up period involved?
You can use your own domains if they are G Suite (Google Workspace) accounts.

Well, ideally you should warm up accounts yes, to achieve maximum deliverability and increase the sending limits of accounts.
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