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    Anybody on here experience with creating thousands of gmail accounts at a time?

    Here is my scenario:

    I have 2,000 proxy IP's
    I have a PC that will be running 4 to 8 VM's on it, and those will each be running a script I have created to create Gmail accounts.
    The cache and cookies will be cleared out after each IP is used.
    The script will emulate various browser user agents
    Even with all of this, Google tends to block IP's outright.

    I am missing something.

    Does anybody know what it is?
    Has anybody found the perfect timing threshold for reusing the same IP? i.e., if I use it to create an account, how long should I wait before the script re-uses that IP to create another account?

    If there is an easier way to get thousands of popular email accounts that will be used to registering at sites I want, for a project I have, I would appreciate any input from those that are in the know.


    PS: If there are any experts related to programming these sort of things, PM me and I may have a job for you to help me.