Global Monthly? or Local Monthly?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by hawke, May 19, 2011.

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    When researching a keyword, is it best to consider the global monthly searches?

    Or Local monthly searches?

    I'm targeting a keyword that gets 18000 global and 14000 local is that good?

    I couldn't get the exact domain but got it with dashes in it. I installed wp and a decent review theme. placed 8 review type articles with a picture for each post. the keyword is Anchor TXT for each Pic.

    I submitted a spun article to 20 different directories linking back to my site, last night.

    I was not listed in google at all yesterday, and today I'm at #6 on page 3, for a keyword I never thought I'd rank for lol.

    I know 3rd page may not be great, but it's rather exciting for me as this is my first SEO venture.

    should I let it sit for a few days before adding more content?

    Thx :)
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    Local is your country. If your from the US, thats what you should go for, because you'll get the most cash for your conversions or clicks.
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    I don't think it matters if you ad more content. As for the use of dashes I suggest trying to register with no dashes and add like two letters to the front next time. The fewer characters the better for Google and dashes look unprofessional to web surfers.

    As for Global its exactly what is says, Local is whatever country you pick on the side bar. US traffic is considered better converting so I use local results for the US.
    Are you using WordPress? If so you can change the permalink settings to include your post title in your URL. Then for each post link to it with your spin articles with the anchor text as the phrase you want to rank for. Then your individual articles will show up in google for whatever phrase you are going for. IE: You choose to promote a site called HKGolfSupplies...(c)(o)(m), You title your post with whatever phrase you want to rank for. Your URL for that post will be HKGolfSupplies....(Slash)yourposttitle.
    Then you submit articles with your anchor phrase pointing to HKGolfSupplies...(Slash)yourposttitle. You will then be able to use one article on your page to promote a product and rank in google for a search term individual to each post. I can go into great detail about this stuff I might post a tutorial on here sometime in the near future. I will let you know if I do. Also ALL IN ONE SEO PACK is a great Plugin. Shoot me a PM with your page URL and what not and I will give you some suggestions or help on some of the stuff. Also include a e ady address cuz I am new to the forum and cant PM back yet.

    It wont let me post URL's so go with it.

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