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    Hello gentlemen it's been a while since I've posted probably over two months I will start posting regurlarly again since this forum is one of the most helpful I've ever visited

    Well a couple weeks ago I discovered gizmo which is a voip service which I'm sure most of you must be familiar with it by now.
    The thing is that contrary to skype which calls are free only to another computer gizmo has a "All calls free plan" and free mobile phone calls as long as the other cell phone has gizmo plug in as well

    I've been throught Hell trying to install that thing it's a .jad file which is a java description file that's meant for cell phones only

    The cellphone I'm trying to install it in is a sony ericsson W200a I've allready donwloaded a java emulator that's necesary to install on the phone so that gizmo.jad could run on the cellphone and let's see if it is true that is free.

    but I haven't tested the emulator yet. so I was hoping that some of you could give a heads up on which one should I use I think gizmo has a preference for nokia phones.