Giving out 2 Free copies of TEAR email software | Must be able to generate inbound emails

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    So i'm looking for 2 people that are willing to learn. Would be good if you have a basic understanding of affiliate marketing and email.

    I'm one of the developers of TEAR ( and looking to train 2 guys that know how to generate inbound email leads.

    Basically, i'll teach you how to setup TEAR. I'm hoping you'll be able to figure it out on your own for the most part, it's not too complicated. Your email will have an autoresponder setup that responds to incoming emails and holds a conversation with them.

    So basically if you have a lot of Instagram accounts of hot chicks, we can setup an autoresponder of a chick that tells incoming emails a little bit about themselves and then tells them to sign up to a dating offers.

    Setting up the autoresponder isn't too hard.

    You need to be able to generate incoming email leads. 2-3k daily minimum. Btw, it doesn't have to be male leads. There are many things we can promote like PPL email submit offers 'win a free iphone' type of stuff.

    As a owner of ViceOffers I have a lot of high paying offers and can design you custom landing pages. Shoot me a PM with your skype. Let's chat