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Giving away a domain and website that is expiring

Discussion in 'Freebies / Giveaways' started by Techxan, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Techxan

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    Dec 7, 2011
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    So I was going to build a website in the reverse mortgage niche. Only when I went to get the name, I misspelled the word mortgage and ended up with the domain name www.reversemortageoptions.org.

    I built the beginnings of a website before I realized it and then just sort of abandoned it in place.

    I was just going to let it expire, but thought maybe someone would want the site to use with another domain name, or whatever.

    So if you want the site www.reversemortageoptions.org, let me know below.

    Give me a reason why to give it to you, without a sob story. If you do not give a reason why I should give you the site, you are ineligible. Tomorrow afternoon (after 12 noon, CST time US) I will go to random.org and pull numbers until I get a post number that matches an eligible requester.

    Its not much of a site, actually not a finished site at all, just a start, and it expires on Feb 28,. If no one wants it, I'll let it expire.