Give away twitter account & facebook pages


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Jun 12, 2008
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I have several twitter accounts mainly automotive 1 ps3 + facebook fan pages all with thousands of followers.

I can just give email and password for twitter but unsure how to give a facebook fan page away.

If some can say and post in this thread - ill randomly choose as PMing me may glog up my inbox.

Also thanks would not go a miss.
interested in to get fb page, count me in this offer
give the log in details of the admin of the fan page..
i would like to get one
i would like to get twitter :) thanks dude
Still not 100% sure how I pass this on to new admin, do I add one of you as the admin and remove myself.
For the fan pages you just add someone as an admin and they can take it from there. I would gladly take a twitter account off your hands though :)
I'm interesed in facebook fan page. I think thousand of fans can get my earnings higher.
I'm interested in the facebook page fan too :).

I think all you have to do is either add a new admin and then remove your admin or just change your admin password and hand over to whoever wins :)
m interested in fb fan page.....count me in plzz....thanks

btw...u can hand over fan page by making him/her admin...n then removing ur admin acc from there
Would love to get a Facebook Fan Page. Thanks for the offer. Cheers! :)
I'm very interested! Whatever you choose to bless me with please. Thanks ;)
I will definitely be interested in twitter account.Thanks for the offer.
T2tkid got my first give away 2k automotive twitter account.

Got many more to give away.
I would like a Facebook fan page. Can I get one ? Thanked guy :X
Can i have the fb-page please :)? would be great for my next project
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