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    Merry Xmas everyone.

    This is my gift to the most kick-ass forum on the internet.

    So what's the deal? I just bought lindexed and seeing as I'm not generating 50k links/day myself, I thought I'd help ma brothas from a whole lot of different mothas.

    Obviously if you've read on BHW, you'll know you what crawling and indexing means.. Obviously indexed is better than crawled, but crawled is a start and a pretty decent one. So what I give to you is the chance for you to get up to 2k links crawled. I limit it to this, as I do not want to take away business from Scripteen, but I want to help others with a tight budget.

    NO - I am NOT doing this to get keywords. I have my own that I am targetting and I have more than enough already. Just to get it on the table as it seems to be everyone's concern.

    Links you send me have to respect these terms!

    So no adult, gambling, hate, violence etc..

    NO, don't send me tonnes of PMs as cleaning my inbox is time consuming as hell. Send me the 2k links in a clean .txt file attached to this email.
    [email protected]

    Include your BHW name in the mail and put "BHW" or something like that in the title. The 2k links per person limit is to avoid hurting Scripteen's business, so please respect that limit if you want me to run your links.

    Questions and comments go below or to the email address.

    Now go enjoy xmas and may you have a prosperous 2012.

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