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[GIFTED DEVELOPER NEEDED] Who's ready to build something truly amazing? GeoIP Refer Bot

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Mr Miller, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Mr Miller

    Mr Miller Newbie

    Nov 11, 2010
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    Whatup guys,

    Here's the deal: Most of the traffic bots available publicly, even the paid ones, are pure shit.

    I am specifically speaking to the referrer faking, traffic generating bots out there. So clunky, so imprecise.

    I am looking for one very special developer to build a game-changing bot. I will personally manage the project and make sure what you build is truly at 100% of its potential for use by "power users." I need the bot for some projects, and BHW is the only place I feel comfortable discussing such a project with developers.

    You can even own the thing and sell it if you'd like. Want to give it away on BHW and get props? Keep it for ourselves and use it privately to print money? Great. Your call.

    In one line, what does the bot do: Safely scrape, analyze and verify proxies (at a whole nother level of existing proxy scrapers) and then send referrer traffic like a BAWWSS.

    Any badass marketer who has used Jingling, TrafficTwister or even paid Traffic Exploder must be feeling my pain on this one... These are blunt objects at best, when a scalpel is needed.

    Here are a brief overview of the specs:

    • Scrape proxies in some innovative way (or ways) so it efficiently gets heaps and heaps of proxies... finding proxies that aren't getting beaten to death by other users
    • Test the proxies intelligently; multiple step verification (tickboxes available to select verification types needed)
    • UNIQUE - Sophisticated proxy verification... The key thing here being GEOIP Country AND City verification. Add a list of locations that should be whitelisted and filter out proxies that do not show this location. I hear the dslreports whois database is updated often. Perhaps check it against multiple sources. The KEY is finding elite proxies that show your chosen GEOIP data.
    • UNIQUE - Send surgically precise referer traffic... A smart dashboard that you load up with settings and then unleash it so it can passively run 24/7.
      • Click X - Y links on site (includes blacklist, e.g. avoid URLs with "terms" "privacy" etc).
      • X - Y time on site range (or X - Y time on each page if above option is enabled).
      • Send X - Y visits to each URL in the list per Z unit of time. (Enables 24/7 autopilot running)
      • Intelligently do whatever it takes to show up as NEW UNIQUE VISITORS in analytics. Repeat visitor option %age could be built but not important. (Proxy burn list, whatever you want... you're the genius here!)
      • Easy UI to select User Agents. Spoof mobile including OS/Device? Spoof rich people (on macbooks/imacs)? Random spread of common user agents? Truly random? % options for each. Also intelligently represent other analytics data: screen resolutions, etc. This thing is SMART, get it?
      • And the motherload... Each URL to send traffic to can be paired with one or more URLs to send as the referrer. Forget specifying random referrers and random sites: Let's class it up a bit shall we? Import CSV with URLs; pairing like URL A gets referrer traffic from URLs X, Y and Z.

    Genius developers who want to build this, PM me.

    You're welcome BHW.


    Mr Miller
  2. joaolori

    joaolori Newbie

    Dec 21, 2012
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    Add me at skype : joaolourenco1987