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    here's a quick message to all of you to remember to keep an eye out for your expiring domains.........

    a little over 2 years ago i bought a really good niche domain and built a nice little niche blog on it...

    it didn't make me much money at the time and i forgot about it......usually because don't see big results for at least a year after i build my a niche site or autoblog....but eventually i started getting some good organic traffic

    anyway, because of my hectic schedule/personal life a somehow managed to let the domain expire in January of this year...i mean, this site was established...had pr, was getting natural traffic, getting me a few adsense clicks per day.....i tried to 'emergency renew' the name w/my registrar, as if somehow by some miracle of god there'd be a glitch in the system that would let me get my name back.....but it was past the 30 day renewal period my registar gives me to renew.

    all i could do was just bang my head on my desk ..damn...damn...damn...

    so, i just waited and waited and waited...i didn't remove the actual site from my webhost and i resisting the urge to check to see if the domain was snatched up by some domain squatter or godaddy (godaddy's usually the first to snatch my dropped domains).

    finally, tonight...i checked to see if the name was available w/my registrar again...

    and it was....woo hooo

    bought it, directed it at my site, and voila....back in business! :borladuck

    checked awstats....and sure enough, 3 months of silence....but i see googlebot's already made a visit today.

    so the point of this story is to keep your eye on your domains...even if they are autoblogs you forgot to update in 8 age really really well. there's nothing more gut wrenching than going back at all the names you let go and seeing some other guy's landing page or website on your dropped name...
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    LOL. I have lost a domain like this too. forex niche. PR3. But I couldnt get it back. Someone else bought it already :(
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    Most of my domains are registered at
    They send out regular renewal reminders which is great. Never forgot an important renewal till now.
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    plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ punoɹɐ ƃuıɯɐoɹ
    I use Domain Punch Pro ever since I had domains expire because of notifications never arriving/lost in a :blackhole:, whatever. It works fine for me.