Ghosting nationwide in housing!!!

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    i was losing my mind thinking i was the only one who couldnt stick...this women shares my frustration

    ral craigslist ghosts any housing ad I this week too < riverwoodofstpaul > 2010-08-23 21:19:26
    I just wrote the them now I'm gonna call the suicide hotline ie I deleted my ad 2 1/12 days ago before posting and it's still being ghosted. This wait is agony.This current ad is my only my only ad. 2 1/2 days ago I couldn't see my ad either! I was told to delete all ads wait 48 hrs. I lost the whole week-end for posting and many potential views. Now I'm losing the week. I've been trying for almost a week. Post, ghost delete, wait, post, ghost... I worked three months renovating this apartment. I really need to list it. This is seriously affecting my income and sanity!!!!!!! This is my only income. Will you guys help me??? PLEASE I thought Craigslist was about freedom PEACE from otherwise tyranical commercial entities If you've done something to my account please dear god would you be so kind as to undo it??? Please...... reallly please desperate here in Mpls News in Headlines tommorrow paper "Woman in Mpls commits suicide over Craigslist ad posting problems. Left note saying her small apt bldg was doomed because she could not advertise" I've bought and sold many things on Craigslist over the years, I have no idea what is causing all this trouble PLEASE PLEASE help
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    use the search button lots of people has this problem atm