GhostCPA iFrame Redirection Delay?

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    Does anybody know how to delay the redirection in GhostCPA script? When a user submitted information inside the iframe box, the user will get redirected to another page that is specified by me. However, this redirection is done instantly upon user submission, rendering the CPA page to fail to load the next page or register the action with the affiliate network tracker, and therefore not registering the sale or lead commission. What I would love to do is to delay this redirection by few seconds as 'buffering' period so that the CPA could actually load the necessary page to register the action, or at least load that "tracking pixel" that registers the sale.

    This is how the script is implemented. Under <head> tag:

    <script type='text/javascript'>


    function redirect() {
    window.location = "";
    function gothere(arg) {
    var different = arg;
    if (different > base) {
    base = different; redirect();


    Under <body> tag

    <div style='overflow: hidden; width: 417px; height: 430px; position: relative;' id='odiv'>

    <iframe id='bframe' onload='base=history.length;gothere(history.length);' name='bframe' src='' style='border: 0pt none ; left: -459px; top: -328px; position: absolute; width: 1920px; height: 979px;' scrolling='no'></iframe></div>

    What the script does is just it loads the "cpaoffer" iframe on the page, and then when a user completed the submission, the script will instantly redirect the user to another page namely " How to delay this redirection by few seconds? I know its possible to do this but I don't know how.

    Thanks so much!