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getting your auto-blogs indexed

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by jammy, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. jammy

    jammy Junior Member

    Dec 5, 2008
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    hey guys , i just wanted to help you all out .
    as a matter of fact , i need help myself , but i will help first .
    alright i need people to say to me that they will really help me and others
    exactly the way they need help , because until there is communication here
    no one will really reach their goals . Understand unity is strength . , we need to ask each other as many questions as possible to meet at least our needs ...

    $1 - $2 per week is not good . If u need my help , just pm me .
    infact do it everyday ... More of that later , but right now lets discuss about
    getting our auto blogs indexed .


    Alright , you will first need to build up an auto blog .
    then go to blogger.com and build about 10 blogs quickly under one account .
    Set things up in such a manner that all these blogs get content from your blog, forward rss contents through your gmail account . Place hyperlinks on all posts , so that the link is shown on all 10 blogs .
    Its like you got 10 backlinks .

    MAKE SURE -----------

    they all have anchor tags , cos i just figured out that google indexes
    anchored links .

    In your posts , whenever a particular keyword appers , hyperlink it to
    your own autoblog , or any other autoblog that you have .

    For ex: when you write " make money online "

    use the chain icon on blogger or wordpress to add a link to other blogs .

    Hope u are understanding me .......

    2) This second method is little tough !!!!!!!!!!!

    You have to get a software that alerts you through rss , whenever something happens on facebook or orkut ........

    You see a lot of people keep joining communities , making friends , scrapping
    etc .

    If such an application is placed on your page , your auto blog will get
    indexed even faster ..
    the trick is to join a lot of big communities on both facebook and orkut ,
    and wordpress already has an auto-ping feature , so it will be updated
    constantly .

    Note: i think that orkut feeds is such an application , anyway if its not
    and if any one thinks of making such an app , dont forget u got the idea from
    me . U can pay me if u want to , LOL .

    3) U must have tried traffic exchange , you know that its a time waster .
    but there is a way out to get traffic by spending only 3-4 seconds ,
    instead of 15-20 .

    If u noticed , there is a feature on orkut , that shows recent visitors .
    IF there could be a software that could just log in to your account
    and go clicking on those peoples profiles , a lot of people would visit your
    profile ,wanting to know who u are,specially when u have a suspicious ,bold or funny name , which could advertise your product
    or website easily .

    There is a limit on mass scrapping , but not on visiting a profile ...

    it would be great if someone could share an app like that ,
    cos i am not aware of it .

    Tell me what u think of this , tutorial , i think it could have been better .

    Last few Final words of wisdom ...........


  2. jammy

    jammy Junior Member

    Dec 5, 2008
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    just wanted to add that you could use
    the " onmouseover " code to increase page views to another page of
    yours ........

    thanks .