Getting started with CPA - Polls and PPC?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by jasontm, Dec 1, 2010.

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    I'm wanting to start CPA. I've asked a few times the best way to start, but I"m not getting any good answers except for try this and try that.

    My first attempt is going to be PPC. Yes I do have a little experience in it and althugh I've only focus on 1 niche. I need to diversify.

    So after reading and reading. I think the best place for me to start is to use some polls and redirect to CPA Offers? Any other ideas?

    If this is a good way to start. What is the best polling software to date? I've read about poll factory, but I haven't found any wordpress plugins for it. I'm very familiar with wordpress and if at all possible I would like to use it.

    Is there anything else I need to do things like blank the referrer, tracking etc..

    Does prosper 202 work when you blank the referrer?

    I've had problems with prosper not tracking proplerly when using landing pages for some strange reason using a company similar to clickbank, selling other software products. Tracking ID's aren't showing in the sales data.


    I'm just wanting to make sure I have all basis covered before I give it a go as I really want to stay on track and NOT waste time by avoiding some common problems.

    Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Do a google search for poll factory download or it might be on this forum to. When your doing your polld look for something hot most people say trends and buzz but I like to think away from that more like gossip mags in the store you know.

    For traffic try bookmarking sites and press releases. since your going to be promoting mainly email submits then I wold try for some free traffic first. Or you could fiverr the traffic to someone with a big twitter following.

    One thing I do is instead of using the poll method try adding a comment box to engage the reader more and when the hit submit it send them to the offer instead of the normal yes no