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    Are you ready for some self-motivational spam? When I need a kick up the ass, i write this stuff. It sucks, but I love this place, and its all your fault so I feel compelled to share.

    When it comes to making money at any source, we need a few things. We need to be focused, and we need to be motivated. This forum and a few others are my worst enemies. They are the source of procrastination and indecision. I?ve spent too long on here, and now something recently has put everything into focus, and got my priorities in line.
    A child, and a family.

    In fact, it wasn?t until a few days ago it all set in. I was the typical internet procrastinator, and I realised that if I don?t act soon, I?m going to be in a very, very precarious situation. A few hours later, my girlfriends mother asked me for a loan of $20 ? when I couldn?t give it to her, for some reason it made me really, really angry. Then an argument with my girlfriend ensued which was started by me for no apparent reason, and we fell out for a few hours.
    Now that the waters have cleared, and a new day has dawned ? I have realised my problem ? I could not provide for my family. As a result, I have been negating other opportunities and focusing wasted time on BHW.

    Can I make a million dollars on BHW? Yes. BHW is an amazing resource of information, guides and tools on making big money. But take a few for an example: - get rich on MySpace ? I got a MySpace account four days ago to try it out, added some friends and discovered a way to send ads. Now then, I can directly advertise on comments, bulletins and private messages. And it takes time and learning to benefit from a-lot of the advice on here. Guys, if you read the post and someone else can do it, it doesn?t mean you can?t do it. But it doesn?t mean you CAN do it straight away. Plan your plan, and you?ll realise it takes hard work, perseverance, and money. However I suck ? So no million dollars here, over 500 page impressions without a click.

    Can I make a million dollars over night? Look at the MySpace example again: to develop a friends list, takes a long time, I think 50 friends a day is possible, more is artificial, so getting a platform of many you can advertise to simply takes time and dedication. It?s like anything, and Internet Marketing is a lot MORE minute in detail than many other jobs. E.G PPC, how much of a bastard is PPC to manage? It takes more than 10 minutes every day? Yes. Imagine paying $400 for clicks but only to find out you chose the wrong niche, and instead of customers aged 30 ? 40, you had 14 year olds trying to buy your personal insurance products.

    How many opportunities really exist? I?ve also realised the internet is limitless. F*ck me you name it, it?s out there, if you can do it in real life, you can do it online. As a result ? I made criteria for things I?m prepared to do. If i feel experienced enough to do it off-line, I?ll be prepared to do it online.
    Does it do well offline? Do I have the time required and the dedication to MAINTAIN it?
    Why does everyone post their affiliate links? ? This in my opinion is the secret money earner we all forget. How many times have you clicked someone?s affiliate link? I sure have on at least 10 ? 15 occasions. If I ever make any money doing this, I?ll be making money for the guy whose link I clicked also ? this is one of the secrets of forums like this, and how people can get big money! It?s not a bad thing either, because it is the least anyone can do, to follow their affiliate link if someone helps you, but this really is the secret money earning technique. F*ck, it?s what IM is all about to some extent.
    So yeah, that?s my rant for the day ? right now, I?m willing to do pretty much anything for cash. I have reached the stage where I?m no longer unconsciously incompetent, but consciously incompetent, which is an important step for me. Laugh all you want, but to become a master of anything take a look at this learning cycle.

    What stage are you at?
    1. unconscious incompetence
    2. conscious incompetence
    3. conscious competence
    4. unconscious competence.

    I?m happy to say I?m 50% down the road already. But I have to conclude the following fact before I continue: READING FORUMS DOES NOT MAKE ME MONEY. I?m off to develop a freelancer profile, and try and get some work. This is how you make quick money online. And my god, if I don?t make something soon I?ll be in deeper shit than most of the people on here.
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    Hey man. Nice post. You are dead on with most of this. Not bad for a n00B. :p
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    amen brother:D
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    Tellin it like it is dude! Right between the eyes!!
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    To create income streams
    In a 6 by 3 plot
    Home Page:
    I feel like a 1 today, maybe a 0.

    Good post though.
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    Stop your nonchalant nonsense, and start making money :p

    Just kidding........

    It sometimes takes a twist or turn to start your Ignition before you start your engine. Forums is good for learning, but information overloaded is an issue, so stay focus, finish one thing, start another. Never start many things at once, you never get to the finish line. There are indeed many money making opportunities but pick a few and focus. Read the reviews of tools and choose a few to ease the automation part, it will save you time.

    Last but not least always remember to thank the ppl here...... :p

    So here is a "Thanks" for your runt coz it touches a few notes in my heart and i have just turn on my engine. Hope to see you at the finish line buddies....
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    Excellent post. It echo's my own situation and feelings in many ways. I feel like I'm at a similar point in development in relation to this whole money making malarkey online as well.

    I have definitley fallen into the trap of stretching myself too thinly and losing focus; but I am aware. And that's an important step.

    And while I have not started making money yet I am still positive that I will. because I have to. And failure is just not an option.

    Good luck to you, mate.
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    good post