Getting Removed From Craig's List


Jan 7, 2009
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Ok I understand that people get removed all the time. However, I don't understand why you would get flagged and removed when your ad is basic and there's nothing suspicious about it. I pretend to be a girl, say I'm interested in a guy, a little about me, and reply if you're interested. After a few hours it's removed, and that's before I respond to anyone with an offer. What gives??
your competition - other ewhores like yourself - are flagging you to remove you from the game!!!!

now flag back!
I figured it was something like that. I guess I wanted to believe the email from Craigs List telling me that 98% of ads getting taken down are for a good reason. Why do people do this? There's plenty of horny guys to go around! lol
I'm surprised Craigs List doesn't get a lot of complaints from actual people who post there looking for someone and get flagged and removed after a few hours. You would think they would have come up with a better method for actual TOS breakers by now.
It's pretty obvious. Legit women seldom post racy professional photos, are under 25, or act flirty. Craigslist is for the rejects of the dating world; ie physically unattractive, social awkward people.
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