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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Windmill, May 17, 2011.

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    IM all the way.
    OK, how do you get reliable google rankings?

    I find that different browsers will return different results for keywords. For instance, if I have Keyword A and I search for it in Firefox after I've cleared my history, I might find it at #15. If I try it on IE7 with history cleared, it could be #1. Then if I use my IDEOS Smart Phone's browser, it comes back at #8. If I use TT, it might have it sitting at #18.

    WTH. Its all in the correct google search engine as per the country. Which one is the correct result? I have no idea how to tell. How do you tell? :)
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    i sometimes have this issue just make sure your logged out of google and clear your cookies with ccleaner.. you could also try to use a different ip address as well.

    if im really frustrated about it and cant get a legit position ill call a few ppl and have them check on their pc that have never been to the site before and never looked up the keywords... i dont think its a browser issue i think its IP issue and cookies
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    Just fire up Traffic Travis or something to that degree for a reliable position checker. I know what you mean, though.
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    The best way is to have a friend check it out who lives within 250 miles of your location.

    Other than that, you would have to check it out with IE, Mozilla, and Chrome and see which ones gives the farthest position, and that is most likely where you are at, since the other ones are counting cache and your cookies.
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    Jul 15, 2008
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    Google uses different databases in different countries. FACT !

    I have one domain ( over 750,000 exact searches ) that is number 3 on US Google and +400 on UK Google !!

    It has been like that for over 6 months - If you want to know how I get my domains so high on US Google send me a PM