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    Hallo everyone, im a new member just joined today and im so happy i found BHW.

    Basically i started looking for ways to make money online a month or so ago (but i've been on the internet and computers forever) and stumbled upon Captcha sites, PTC, Transcription, Surveys, Microtasks, Forums. And tried many websites.

    Now i have more or less limited it down to the ones i want to continue using and am doing some work for peanuts, and i want to get referrals on the sites im active at.

    Basically i view it as minimal work and if i can set-up a nice Site and make a video or two about each money making site, i can get direct referrals without doing anything after i have set it all up.

    Now that im over with the introduction.

    I was thinking, i ''work''(if you can call that work) on 5-10 differend websites where i can refer people using my referral link or invitation code, and make some money off of them.

    So i want to set up a Website (Here is the problem, should i go Blog? Authority site?) (To try it for starters i want it all to be free)
    And on that website i want to write a Nice Long description, payment proof, review, you know everything explained with pictures etc for each money making website... And with my Referral link or banners in a couple of places so if the reader gets impulsive to join, keep the referal link/banner near his/hers view.

    Next i want to also make one or two youtube videos about each money making website, and post it puting my Referral link in the description box and my Website's or Blog's link in the description box so that if they are not convinced from the video, they can go to the site and read a ton of more information about the site.

    And also another thought is to mask those links in the description box with adfly or something like that to make some money from those too.

    And also ad Google Adsense or some service like that to my Blog or site to make something from them too.

    Now the content will all be Original, the writing, the pictures... The videos will also be original with me talking in the background while showing the site im talking about.

    Ok now that i have explained myself, i want to set this up, and leave it there without adding extra content on a daily basis, because eventually over time i want to get away from this whole PTC, Survey, Captcha stuff and do something that's gonna make me real money. But if i manage to get for example 100 or 1000+ referrals on a website i work on, and just login 15 minutes a day or not login at all for days and have passive income, why not...

    So im hoping you guys can help me out, read what i wrote, and give me advice, problems i might encounter, anything you think might help.

    Keep in mind that im a total noob, and that English is my 3rd language, so go easy on me here :)

    p.s i hope i wrote this in the correct section of the forum, if not an admit can move it no problem. And i dont think im breaking any rules but in case i am feel free to delete this thread, and im sorry. Thank you :)
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