Getting really rich -> providing real genuine value to the world and components of success

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    hello guyz,

    firstly, i'm short of sleep so dont be harsh when u see some typing mistakes. on the other hand i'm still able to collect my thoughts and write logical and understandble for everyone, at least i guess :p

    to make something clear: i'm not rich (yet), thats true. but let me tell you this, i have now decided that i will become rich (sooner or later) and thats not just words they are followed by day to day action and hard determination ;)

    my view on getting REALLY rich, not just a few bucks through internet or making 5 figures a month but relying on google and then loosing it due to some fuckin change in the google algo!

    as the title states - ALL the people, who really got rich through the internet have all ONE thing in common: they have all CREATED something NEW, some INNOVATION and brought VALUE to the world to make it a better place (at least this would be the ideal). So sorry for all the blackhatters here but blackhat is in my opinion only short term and i dont want to got that path, i want to get huge amounts of money and live the way i want / create a long term business (which is not that easy with blackhat as we all know)

    lets talk a few examples -

    mark zuckerberg - facebook -> created a network to connect people, share information and have fun

    kevin systrom (my favorite) - instagram -> created something which makes it really easy to upload pics to the internet from your mobile phones

    and others like creators of twitter etc etc just google "young millionaires on the internet" or something along those lines and you will find a pretty motivating list of amazing young people who really made it and achieved what we all are dreaming of!

    do you see the POWER in providing value to the world? not only do you make the world a better place, NAW, the money is in INNOVATION, new things.

    Now, the thing is, it doesn't even matter THAT much what kina value you bring to the world - it could be something whcih the people really benefit from OR something whcih just brings fun into peoples day to day live and so on!

    so success basically means = providing value, being innovative as i've stated countless times already! lets make it a bit mroe clear:

    NEW IDEAS + TAKING ACTION (making the ieads really happen) = SUCCESS

    These are important components - but there are also psychological aspects, such as: determination and motivation, resilience, the right attitude and mindset regarding success!

    so to put all of this together: NEW IDEAS + TAKING ACTION (+ PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS) = SUCCESS

    of course we all know that its more than unlikely to create one project and be immediately a millionaire! so thats why i would add to the above formula -> LOOP TILL SUCCESS ;)

    coz if you see that this view, there is no way u can loose. we figured out above that new ideas and making them happen and present them to the real world is really important and as long as u keep generating more ideas the probability to hit gold is quite high, depends on how much ideas you have (and houw good they are) and how you realize them!

    So to make it short: thats why i've drift off of marketing alone, i'm now working on NEW things, creating new things as long as one of these ideas work and because my ideas are unique, they will generate some traffic and i could even then make a good amount with banners and what not. but the best case would be some company buying it or having that muhc traffic that u make good cash with your cpa offers, adsense, etc. etc.

    I'm really motivated, thats why i just had to write this down and i'm really confident now that this route is the right one and will help me to achieve my goals and living the life of my dreams and i hope some of you find it helpful as well :)

    have a good read guys, i'm now heading off to my bed and who knows, probably one of my projects (and so one of yours dear reader) will create a great hype and thwor off some serious cash. have fun ;)
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    I really liked this. The only flaw with your formula is the "new ideas part". You don't need a new idea to become a millionaire, you just need to take action with an actual plan. A business model that will work, and with some investment and hard work on your end it'll blossom.

    Anyways, great read. I'm glad to see someone else is thinking along the same lines as me.

    BTW Jaykub: Inbox full.

    Side note edit: I knew this thread was going to do poorly though.

    1. It's not a journey of how you're 14 and trying to make $20/day with CPA and Youtube
    2. It's not a make $100/day maybe if you're lucky scheme
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    hi, i'm going to clear my PM box by tomorrow ;) have to do some stuff (am busy )

    i dont care whether this thread is going to be pinned or viewed 1000ish times or not, the guys who are interested in success may read it or not. those who just want to make 20$/day and thinking only short term, they should look up those journey, why not , dont really care that much as long as we do what we wanna do everything is alright :D
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    Good read.

    It made me think of what I want to accomplish with IM; not just for more money, but for a chance to gain contacts, to get some capital and to incorporate what I learnt in IM into something bigger.
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    Thanks, I like that. I have also a great Idea for long time business, google and black hat are not a part of that. But I need to start from 0 even 20$ a day will be great and then invest, invest, invest to reach my goal. In my opinion money is not happiness. When I reach my plans then I will give back for the people who are not lucky enough in their lives. This will make my heart happy! :)

    Good Luck.