Getting people to opt-in to your list and create a virtual cash machine

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    I am not sure how many people here have list or want list or need list or even if you know what to do with them.

    An old saying goes money is in the list. This is very true but no one ever really says how to get a big list.

    So let's go over a way to build your list quickly and effectively. First we want to set goals when conquering a niche my first target is always 500 emails I will explain why in a moment.

    What is the best way to get someone to fill out a cpa offer? If you said by centralizing the offer you are absolutely correct. So this is what we are going to do to build a list we are going to incentive an email zip but the email zip will be for us.

    First find an ebook or PLR and turn to use as an incentive . Try to find one that answers a question. Like how to do soething or how to overcome a problem they may be having. My niche is the money making niche so it is very very easy for me.

    Next we want to get people to sign up to get this ebook. A very very very simple wp page with an optin form telling them what they will be recieving. Always tell them that while the site may look ugly your specialty in the field of said niche is very imformative etc.etc.etc. That is if you can not afford a real landing page.

    Now we need some traffic once again for me since I am in the making money niche not hard at all. There is really many ways to get traffic the fastest I have found is forums. There are a few forums that allow you to offer a free ebook in the money making niche in exchange for them opting in to your emailing list. Some you have to pay. A small fee is worth it to get good quality leads. Specially if they where there in that section looking to buy something. that means they are buyers. This is a good thing.

    Now I would say about a week of actively promoting on your niches forum should EASILY get you 500 opt-in subscribers VERY VERY VERY easy. Now this is better than zip submits . WHY? Because these people will generate money for you time and time and time again. It is like a virtual cash machine. OH I need 500 dollars looks like it is time to send out an email :) See how that works :)

    Now once we reach are target goal we can now get into list trading. Now what this is you contact another marketer and say I tell you what I will send out an email blast to my subscribers to opt-in to your opt-in page if you do the same for me. This is free leads do not look down on this people and it is basicly stealing money from his mouth :) So he sends out an email blast and you send out an email blast now if he has a responsive list you should have almost doubled your list. WTG. Now keep trading list . Soon you will be up there with the big boys. Never relax always prune. Always optimize. If you have subscribers who are not very responsive do they really need to be on your list costing you money?

    Thanks Smeltzer but I have no money for aweber. No worries my friend we still have a solution for you.
    That is a free auto-responder until you can afford direct responder.

    Well hope this has been helpful . i will try and post some more of my goodies up. I am kind of strapped for time. Each one I know that if you follow will earn you some big money. It sure has me. Any questions please ask.

    BTW second method I shared today I am on a roll :)
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