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    So I've had a Youtube channel I used to post random videos on, not even for the purpose of growing it. Over time a few idiots subscribed and I got some views. But recently that annoying internet sensation, what does the fox say? came out. I was one of the first people to see it. I thought there was potential, as my Youtube account has Adsense, but that song/music video had DMCA rights upon release, which was disappointing. So I was probably the first person to download and reupload it. Since I knew I couldn't monetize it with Adsense, I really didn't do any links/CPA either, and just left it.

    I checked it yesterday to find that even without any ranking work my video had gained 111k views in 2 days, before it fell into the cracks of Youtube. Now I have a Youtube channel that has a total of 250k views, and 200 subscribers.

    That fox video was extremely viral, and copyrighted unfortunately. But there are always videos going viral, many without any copyright strings attached. So are there any "trend chasers" who simply try to find viral videos before they become viral? Or duplicate viral videos as they start to go viral? I tried to find ways to really find videos before they go viral, but there really isn't any good way to sort through all of Youtube.

    What do you guys think? Viral = $$$, any thoughts as to how to catch something before it goes viral?