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Getting MP error 505 when validating IG via highproxies

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by uniktips, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. uniktips

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    Dec 28, 2013
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    There are 2 problems that I'm facing with this so called 'company' of proxies http://www.highproxies.com which i read that they were good and the most expensive ones out there.
    Firstly :
    I went to their website and I wanted to buy 5 proxies but mistakely buyed 2 times 2 packages of 5 proxies . And than I emailed them about this so they can refund me the second buy but instead they hold my money to buy or revenue my proxies which i doubt I will due to their bad service with my very first payment.
    Secondly :
    It's the tittle problem which I'm facing
    I can't open anything from browsers eith these proxies either . Can anyone help me with this problem if it's the proxies or I'm doing something wrong ?
    Found this thread with same problem as mine http://mpsocial.com/t/getting-mp-error-505-when-validating-ig-via-highproxy-proxies/3083 but from what he said he didn't buy instagram proxies while I buyed Instagram Proxies ...