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    I have a way of getting one way links from local businesses websites. Some of these will be in contextual content, others will be on a "links" page with between 5 - 20 other links.

    All of these sites are very niche related.

    But they are not "high quality" sites. They are local businesses that usually have a few decent links from professional certification bodies and directories (again niche relelvent) but they are low power. They are not spammed or have any shady black hat stuff going on.

    - Are these links going to be good or bad for my site? They would be pointing to a page in the same niche. As i said they are very relevent links, and very clean sites, just low power.

    Would too many of these links be a problem? It is not the only linking i am doing to the site - but i could potentially get hundreds of them if i scaled the method.
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