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    Hello Fellow Black Hatters,

    Recently I received few pm's according to a post I made on JV adwords thread.

    I find that many people are struglling to setup a good converting Adwords campagins when its really easy
    and Google is giving you all the tools you need to set up good campaign. (just a tip, Google really treat well to paying clients)

    So here is a few step I use to take when I set up Adwords campagin but before just a little bit on Adwords mechanism.

    Google adwords is basically all working on "quality score" google give each keyword you aiming a quality score from 1 to 10 when 10/10 is the best result and 1/10 is the lowest.

    The qaulity score is based on two factors,
    1. 65% based on Max CPC CTR - that means how many clicks your ads gets in compare to your max cost per click.
    2. 35% based on relevance - that means how much your Ad copy has relevance to your landing page, the keywords you choosen, your titles and your website. (its also checking meta kw and description)

    The quality score is extremly important this is what decides where your Ad will appear on the search page, there is 3 marked ads and there is more on the side of the page (talking about goolge search results page).

    Also you need to take in mind that if your %35 of relevnce is that good you can lower your max cpc and hence you have less expences.

    So lets set up a new campaign.

    First I would strongly suggest to not use Media search if your not looking to brand your company or product. this is where most of advertisers falling and paying tons of money to google and getting very small ROI and then never use google adwords again.

    When you use media search your ads go's into those 160X600 text ads banners and its showing on tons of websites daily, now your ads appear to people using google signals their accuracy on showing the right ads to the right demographic crowd is not that good hence you get a lot of junk clicks and your budget is gone real quick with very low converation rate.

    If you want to brand your product or company so you can use only media search and set a campaign with good looking banners with your product/company name this will brand your company/product in very good way because your product/company name will appear on million of websites daily depending on your budget and again QUALITY SCORE (the quality score can lower your max cpc hence youll get a lot more immpresions)

    So this is why its extremly important to target your campaigns and here is how we do that.

    1. Set your campign to search traffic only - this will give you only people that actually opened Google and searched your keyword so they looking for you, if your ad copy is good the highest chance is they click on your ads then its all depends on your offer the client is already at your door google has nothing do to after they clicked your ad.

    2.If you really want to target set up geo targeted searches this can easily be done in first setting page-
    this will save you a lot of money of junk clicks and again will give you a lot of targeted people from your location.
    people that actually searched your keywords in your own city.

    3. Set site links- Google giving you great tools use them, you can set up to 6 sites links with your offers this option allow you to have anchor text links under your ad, so be smart and if you promoting an offer use the anchor text to draw people attention for e.g if ill run forex campaign ill do an anchor text with a title "$500 on First Deposit" and this link will lead to a lending page that should close the deal. (again the lending page is all about you and your creativity)

    4. Set phone number- Google give you the option to set a phone number that will appear on your ads as well, this give many people a good shortcut, for example you have a locksmith business and people need locksmithe your ad will appear with the right title and phone number on it. (specially working for geo targeted offers) so you saved a click and gained another costumer if you mangaed to close the deal after he called you.

    5. Choosing the right keyword - I will not start to explain about keywords and how to choose them there is way too many methods and tactics and tools to do that. I just want to say its extremely important to choose right keywords something its attempting to add huge lists of keywords when they cost you money and you get junk not related traffic clicks.

    6. Creating Ad copies- this is very important step in this I can't help you you just have to be creative
    and right short attractive ads that will draw attetion, google limit your space so use it wisely

    7. A B testing - Its a must to do A B testing, each ad copy you do create another version run A version for amount of time and run B copy for the same amount of time and study the results.

    8. Use Negative Keywords - many people just ignore this option when its very important to use it.
    negative keywords just make your ads not visible to the keywords you set. why its important here's an example,
    lets say Im running a campaign for selling loose diamonds so im bidding on the keyword buy diamonds, so if someone will search buy diamond rings I don't want my add to appear there because he might click on my ad and waste me money for nothing. I know there is also [keyword] 'keyword' "keyword" option to deny from people searching for something not in the phrase but thats not always working correctly and still your ads appearing for people who searched something in your niche but not what you offering, so negative keywords help you target your clicks better.

    Adwords is very powerful way to make a lot of money just follow Google rules and read carefully, there is program called here you can get all the info from google themself
    this program is a 10 tests each one cost $50 google give you all the material you need to study before you register for the test. after you pass 10 test successfuly you gets "Google Adwords Certifiacate" and you then consider as professional. you will learn so much from this program and at the end they put you in their lists
    when people looking for adwords experts to setup and manage campaigns for them, so you basically get works from google.

    Hope this thread is helped to clarify some points in Google adwords
    and will help some people to make money.

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