Getting GSA to send GSA Indexer requests to a different PC.

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    So I have GSA running in the house and a fibre web connection. Currently running GSA, Capchta Breaker and the Indexer on an old P4 in the office and to be fair it does really well although there is a small bug.

    My problem is the indexer slows the system down quite a bit. It would be cool if i could get GSA Indexer setup on another PC and basically max out the number of threads so the indexer can keep up with my posting.

    So basically.....

    PC 1 Posts something via GSA, sends the details to PC 2 for it to do a deep index.

    Anyone else done this? I guess the best solution is having a kick ass VPS or buy a much newer / faster server for my office but hey, i'm a cheap skate and own lots of old PC's. I do have a very nice dual core PC i could do something with if it were possible.

    Anyone done this? I've spotted the "listen on IP" bit on the submitter so i'm guessing it's possible.
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