getting banned on CPA networks

Discussion in 'CPA' started by gurkoboy, Jan 18, 2010.

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    i am just getting started in CPA, i have been doing longterm whitehat stuff and adsense..

    i have an account on **************, im pretty sure promising something and then not delivering the product is against the rules - but if i keep things below 100$ a day i will be ok?

    if i get banned can i just make a new account with the same info? will they come after me and ask for the money i've made off them if i get banned? say i make 10k but im not REALLY doing anything illegal, just breaking terms of service.. can i get in trouble? i live in australia btw, so same laws as US pretty much

    thanks guys.
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    If u get banned you can't make another account on the same network with the same info. Also you will not have to pay back ur earnings. Once you cash ur check it's yours. Against TOS will get u banned, but is by no means against the law.
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    Im pretty sure I know what you are doing and have been looking for answers too. If it involves giving something for free, it seems that actually giving one away can make it legal according to the TOS. I am waiting for an answer from the staff of the network though.