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Jul 11, 2010
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I have tried various methods now with getting my backlinks indexed. I have added them to rss feeds used imacros and various other things like ping.

I have thousands of links waiting to be found, I have been waiting about 3 weeks now but i'm still under 100 when I have ordered a 1000 blast.

I heard today on twitter via a SEO person this:

"New domains go through a period of being penalized in the search engines, especially Google."

My domains are about 2 months old. Could this be why I am struggling to get them indexed?
New domains penalize is not related to getting indexed the backlinks. Profiles are sometimes difficult to get indexed. There are some indexing scripts and products which are working good for people. check out them
Here's a great tool for getting your backlinks indexed fairly quickly.


thanks, I will give this a go.

Have you had good results with this?
I had a ton of backlinks in there, and it seemed to be going slowly, but I just looked in there now for the first time in 2 months and they are all indexed except for 4 or 5 so I'm alot more impressed with it now than I was.
so can I just create a dummpy page for all these?

So, rss feed1, rss feed 2 etc and don't actually display them on my site. (I like my design)

I have 100 links per feed.
basically take your money site (the one you want to get all you backlinks indexed from)
and install the trackback plugin

Then take another blog that you have (preferably one that gets crawled fairly often) and install the indexing plugin. you can set how many links to show and it will simply show that number until one gets indexed then it will replace it with the next in line until they are all indexed. You can put the links low down on the page in a widget so it isn't too obtrusive and call it "other sites you might like" or something like that.
Thanks, i'm pretty drunk now and will only ask stupid questions so I will chase this up 2moz :D

Thanks dude
haha, thats awesome! LOL

Have a good one and see you tomorrow!
Ok i'm sober now but there is a bottle of wine looking at me so I don't know how long I will hold out.

I have watched the videos etc of this plugin and this is what I am doing.

I have loads of feeds in ice rocket which are from a xrumer blast. I have divided them into feeds of 100.

So I have rss feed 1, rss feed 2, rss feed 3 and so on.

I am going to use RSS mix and make all these into 1 feed.

I will then create a page on my high pr site called indexing page or something. Make sure that it is indexed and add my feed into the plugin so that the links will display my xrumer links on this page.

No one will be able to see them as they won't be anywhere in my navigation, well you could find them in a sitemap.

Anything else I can do with it?
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