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Getting Back Up There

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by InsanelySane, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. InsanelySane

    InsanelySane Power Member

    Nov 23, 2013
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    So I had a few thin sites with competition so low I was able to rank on the first page with one simple exact match anchor pr3 directory link. However, the site was hit after a month.

    Probably because the link was from a public paid directory and/or the site was very thin. Who knows.

    Anyway I want to re-make the site under a different domain with more pages.

    My question is just:

    1) Can someone recommend me a place to buy a very cheap pr 2-3 link that wont get hit by google? That isnt from some gay directory. I know theres resources here but I am not really sure what constitutes a "good" link and I dont need anything fancy.

    2) While I was able to rank with only one pr 3 exact keyword match directory link, and would be again (comp is just super low). I dont want to be buried in a month again. Should I be buying at least 3 links, and/or doing some blog commenting, or something, so I dont have a 100% exact match anchor ratio because I only had 1 backlink? Aka to avoid getting hit again?

    What I mean is something like:

    Before my backlink profile was: directory p3 link : "dog training"

    Should I now have it like:

    p3 BHW link: "dog training"
    pr2 blog comment: " training your dog"
    pr3 blog comment: " Jeff"
    pr 2 BHW link: "(url of site)

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