Getting Back Into ScrapeBox....Is This The OK Way?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SEORasta, Dec 4, 2011.

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    So I had SB for more then a year and really just left it alone but know I see I may need to dust it off for help with backlinking my buffer sites. So this is my plan but before going forward i want to know from the experts if this is ok...

    I will use both AA list that I may find and scrape my own for related blogs based on the keywords of my links.

    I will use SB to blast my Bookmarks, profile Links, Article Links, really ALL links (even other bog comments) EXCEPT for my money site.

    i will use the NAME field as my keyword for each niche/website

    I will mix the comments up from really good spun comments for those blogs im scraping and then use generic basic comments for the AA list blogs.

    I will use made up emails to use for the email list

    I will both fast poster for the first run and then slow poster for the second.

    I plan on doing this 1x per day per set of links I have to blast

    If everything I mentioned is good so far, after that would have to be next OR is it then time to sit and wait?

    ALSO is it any good idea to ping or use a system like NUclear Link Index to try and index those already posted blog comments that are on spammed to death blogs.

    IE; if I get a report back of say 3,000 blog comments that point to a Tier 2 link is it worth pinging or using a system to try and get that link from a spammed blog indexed? Or will google already go find it since its getting hit so much with incoming links?

    Thanx to all who help
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    Yup, those are the steps. Also, you can sort the blogs with low obl and post directly to your money site with relevant content. I don't ping my blasts. Thy are indexed very fast.