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Jul 24, 2009
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I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused. I accept that there was a mistake due to miscommunication internally.

Prior of ordering you had chat on Telegram about profiles and we have helped you on everything and then you chose to place an order with us.

Hi! Interested in bulk pricing on reviews for Facebook, Google, and Trust Pilot

[11:01:35 AM]Get:
Yes we offer

How much you need

[12:37:34 PM]IGKing:
50 trust pilot, 30 google, 20 facebook

how much for all

[12:48:23 PM]Get:

[12:49:26 PM]IGKing:
Ah, Was hoping it would be more in the terriroty of $300

[12:50:07 PM]Get:
I can offer 10% off

Beyond that its not worth when we have quality services

Backed with 30 days replacement

[1:02:02 PM]IGKing:
Yeah it's too much, thank you for taking time

Most i could do is like $400

[1:04:05 PM]Get:
I'm sorry we can't do it. You may find providers doing at this price or below it but eventually you will endup hurting your pages

Google TP and FB is getting strict and if they find it suspicious activity you can be in trouble

Just an advice as we get such cliets daily

[1:05:33 PM]IGKing:
What is your criteria on your pages

DO facebook accounts look real?

Do trustpilot accounts have multiple reviews?

[1:05:51 PM]Get:

[1:06:05 PM]IGKing:
Can you send some examples of reviews you've done?

What if I provide review text to use?

[1:06:14 PM]Get:
We are doing it since past 10 years

[1:06:20 PM]IGKing:
If I provide review text to use, what's best price you can give?

[1:06:39 PM]Get:
Price is same I offer you 10% discount

Beyond that I can't

You want for US

[1:07:01 PM]IGKing:
So 10% off $750? $675?

Yes, US

[1:07:05 PM]Get:

Which area

So I can show samples

[1:07:28 PM]IGKing:
Location doesn't matter

USA, anywhere in USA is fine

[1:08:21 PM]Get:
You serve in entire US

Or its a local business

[1:11:33 PM]IGKing:
Entire US

[1:12:13 PM]Get:

Level 5 Local Guide | 532 Points
Level 5 Local Guide | 532 Points
Log in to Facebook
Log in to Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family and people you know.

did you check?

Level 4 Local Guide | 430 Points

[1:18:22 PM]IGKing:
I don't need Google local reviews you are showing me reviews of Google Local

I need google business reivews

[1:19:00 PM]Get:
Google guaranteed?

or Google ads reviews?

[1:20:07 PM]IGKing:

how much for each review at this price

how did you come up with $750

[1:21:57 PM]Get:

Check prices here and you will know calculations Regular

236 Contributions

are we connected?

[1:29:20 PM]IGKing:
Yes just thinking of options

I will likely buy facebook and google reviews

not sure about Trustpilot your prices are too high I think I can get cheaper

[1:29:38 PM]Get:

You can get cheaper but let me tell you TP is very strict

Most cheap suppliers out there don't worry much about your reputation and business

as they don't have an established business

we are on forums and popular
GetReviews.BUZZ - GET HQ Google Local Guide Reviews & MORE...

check this.. we have 100ths of feedback

--- Wednesday, March 10, 2021 ---

[12:18:58 AM]IGKing:
Let's do 25 google and 15 Facebook reviews

I can get started right away

[12:19:36 AM]Get:
You can order at

Let me know

If you need any help

[12:26:22 AM]IGKing:

[12:49:38 AM]IGKing:
Do you have coupon code?

for my order?

[12:50:52 AM]Get:

[12:51:09 AM]IGKing:
I'm doing 40+ reviews?

[12:51:15 AM]Get:
Coupon is for large orders


[12:51:23 AM]IGKing:

Okay :(

[1:17:46 AM]Get:
Did you order

[1:18:32 AM]IGKing:
ordering now

22 facebook and 13 google to start

[1:18:46 AM]Get:

Google local guide

Or regular

[1:19:33 AM]IGKing:

[1:49:43 AM]IGKing:

make sure everything looks good

[12:08:09 PM]Get:

--- Saturday, March 13, 2021 ---

[5:45:25 AM]IGKing:
Hey man

I don't want these facebook reviews if the reviewer has 1 friend and all their posts are from 2010
Looks shady as fuck

Please delete that review.

I thought the reviews were going to look real?

[9:24:28 AM]Get:
Please open a support ticket by logging in to your account

--- Wednesday, March 17, 2021 ---

[11:28:47 PM]IGKing:
Bro I opened the ticket, no response, and you guys are still sending garbage reviews‍♂

[11:29:35 PM]Get:

What is your ticket number

[11:33:59 PM]IGKing:

[11:38:19 PM]Get:
I got

--- Thursday, March 18, 2021 ---

[6:05:44 AM]IGKing:
Are you going to fix this issue or?

[10:05:48 AM]Get:
Your ticket fot skipped somehow

You will get reply on it

--- Wednesday, March 31, 2021 ---

[9:27:38 AM]Get:

I'm Dheer from bhw

I saw your complaint

There was Holi festival here so it was a long weekend

This is why we couldn't work on your request

Please let me know if you wish to cancel both orders and get refund

I saw there are no reviews on your Google page too and we are investigating the matter right now ans calling a perosn in the night shift

Who were working on your project

Although I have a firm update from manager that FB reviews we have already stopped so in no way the reviews you're getting now are our

But just give me some more time and I will tell you

Manager informed that even wr have deleted the posted reviews upon your request

So its highly unlikely that we are still posting them

We are a solid service on BHW and sometimes to resolve such issues you can contact on our support channel than on thread

We manage reputation of people and we won't appreciate if you try to harm our reputation

I'm here to support you and fix all your issues in a single day

The feedback you posted is not all good and you're being judgmental

So I request you to delete the post and we are resolving all your problems

[2:36:50 PM]Get:
Now I have a firm investigation and its all happened due to misunderstanding. The team leader communicated to the worker that you wanted to stop Facebook and continue Google

But the team worker took it opposite of the same

So she never worked on Google and on Facebook it was continued

Its an honest human fault we execute 100ths of orders with less complaints so all I can do is to request you to delete the feedback and I will refund your FB order and get all FB reviews deleted

Also if you want we can do Google reviews. We have quality Google profiles having lot of regional activity

I can get this started today

Do let me know your decision and I'm extremely sorry for this inconvenience

Holi festival only added some extra dealy for your request

You had two orders with us:-

#3063638128 for Google Reviews
#7788617548 for Facebook Reviews

Our team has somehow skipped your Google Reviews order #3063638128 and we didn't initiated it. However we have started working on your Facebook Reviews order and it been has started very same day. Later on 13th of March you have complained in ticket #389299 that the quality of Facebook profiles are not up to the mark. Although we used very aged profiles and some of them are private profiles so it won't display friends and other activity there. That is probably the reason you might not see any activity on these profiles.

Once you open this ticket the team manager communicated with the team to stop your Facebook order and continue with Google. However the girl who was working on this misunderstood it and she continued with Facebook order and never started Google order. This was a common human mistake due to internal miscommunication over the call.

Now you have asked about refund. Please note refund process takes time and it needs to be done at accounting level. We have already communicated on 26th March in the ticket #389299 that your refund will be processed and here is the proof of the same:-

Prior of this response we have replied to you on 18th March as well that if you don't like it we can cancel your order and here is the proof of the same:-

The question is why the delay happen in refunding. We here had a Holi festival in India and due to this we were off for a long weekend and many of our regular clients knows about it who orders with us ongoing basis. Due to this there was a delay in refunding you.

Your refund has now been done for Facebook Order and here is the proof (again it will take up to 5-7 days to reflect it on your card):-

I would also like to add that we have removed all the Facebook reviews from your page as you did not liked the profiles so now your page is in same condition like earlier and it won't hamper your reputation due to "so called" fake looking profiles.

Today I have again asked you on Telegram multiple times if you want us to refund for both of your orders but you did not replied. I like to ask you should we refund you for another order of Google as well if you want to discontinue? If yes, do let me know as we haven't yet started on it and if you want to continue with this order let me know as well and we can get this initiated and as a reimbursement we will offer you 5 Free additional reviews on Google from quality profiles in your local area. I hope it helps.


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Jul 24, 2009
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Interested in Review copy
Interested in review copy
Here are the steps to claim 2 FREE reviews from Local Guide Contributors of your Local Business area:-

1. Visit and click "Order Now"
2. Fill the order info and make sure to ONLY enter 2 reviews content you want to get posted on your GMB.
3. Use GET2FREE coupon code while checkout.
4. Post your order number here to claim your review copy.


Apr 7, 2021
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order number: 5821609656

looking forward to doing more business if this works out!!!


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Jul 24, 2009
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order number: 5821609656

looking forward to doing more business if this works out!!!
We have received your order but I see that you have not paid for the same. Please note under free reviews you can ONLY claim 2 reviews and NOT 5.

You have wrote on order form about 5 reviews.

Further this offer is only for those who don't have any paid orders in their account so either cancel both of your order and initiate a new paid order.


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Jul 24, 2009
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Jul 1, 2019
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Great service! I have ordered a few times since 2019.
I am highly impressed with this service and what impressed me the most was the extra little details.
Paying attention to the "small things" is very beneficial in life!
Thanks again!


Jun 7, 2009
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Ordered review copy but did not give me opportunity to add discount code. I may have missed it?

ORDER NO : 7153624125
Following-up. Reviews were delivered and they look great. I will order more and post an update to the thread. Thank you guys. Amazing.