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Getresponse Idiots + Refund

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by jjrich, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. jjrich

    jjrich Newbie

    Mar 31, 2009
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    I signed up for Getresponse about a month ago and had build up quite a big amount of subscribers.

    Out of the blue this error message came up:
    'You can't add any more contacts to your account at this time.
    Please contact our Customer Support Service for more information.'

    I was charged numerois times:

    2012-12-07 18:40:10 Max subscribers:4001 4.76 GBP
    2012-12-07 18:40:10 GetResponse 10000 - Monthly 45.90 GBP
    2012-12-07 18:40:10 GetResponse 1000 - Monthly -7.48 GBP
    2012-12-01 08:16:28 GetResponse 1000 - Monthly 10.21 GBP
    2012-12-01 08:16:28 Max subscribers:2516 23.80 GBP
    2012-11-01 20:16:17 GetResponse 1000 - Monthly 10.21 GBP

    I contacted support numerous times asking why I could not add any more subs, the 1st time I was told it was because I went over my subscription rate, which I then went ahead and upgraded to the 45.90 a month package on the 12/07 as you can see above.

    Then today, I received an email saying due to the high level of unsubs rate etc my account has been banned.

    I was lead to believe that if I upgraded, my account would be ok. And they are not responding to my emails nor are they offering me a refund. I have spent over £90 this month and now I have lost my account.

    Sorry I am so angry. Had to vent it out.