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GetPaid.Social - New Method of Money Making Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by dhiwlmy, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. dhiwlmy

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    Nov 20, 2015
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    Before You Continue! Please note that this is currently not launched, its being launched on 30th November 2015! But you can pre-register and be a part of this upcoming money making method...!

    My Referral: getpaid.social/share/worldlife

    Please Join with my referral and help me in the long run... Hopefully this is gonna be a good way to make money....!

    Non - Referral: getpaid.social

    No Investment needed! So no risk of loosing anything! Its completely free!

    So How Does It Work?

    1. Members Post Rewards in The Community

    Our partners post simple online tasks they are willing to pay YOU to perform in order to help their business grow, increase their social following and make more money!

    2. You Perform the Task or Set of Tasks

    Tasks include simple & fast online actions such as but not limited to...joining an email list, visiting a website, liking a Facebook fan page, providing feedback of a website, taking a survey, or sharing a Facebook post.

    3. You Get PAID!

    Our proprietary technology and platform will track when you've completed the task or set of tasks and you will get paid INSTANTLY which you can then transfer to your PayPal or any U.S. checking account!

    So to become a part of this, you need to have an email, facebook and paypal!

    Please Join with my referral and help me in the long run... Hopefully this is gonna be a good way to make money....!

    My Referral: getpaid.social/share/worldlife

    Non - Referral: getpaid.social

    Referral System Explained:

    Many of you have been asking how the referral system is going to work. So allow me to give you just a brief explanation to help you see the vision and get EXCITED to share this with everyone you possibly can.
    The first thing you need to know and understand is that
    This is also NOT a "traditional online biz opp" where the only way you make money is by "sponsoring" others or selling a product or service. NEITHER one of those things are REQUIRED here to earn! And that's NOT just some marketing scheme and a "line" we use to "get you in". It's 100% true...FINALLY!
    HOWEVER...as you will understand shortly...the more people you personally refer to the system, the more potential earnings you will make!
    I'm not going to "spill ALL of the important beans" just yet but to help you to start to see the potential of this let me take you through a very possible and highly likely scenario...
    Just imagine this...let's say on any given day there are say 100 tasks available for you and other members to complete to get paid on.
    Let's say the average reward for those tasks is just $.25! (25 cents!)
    That would mean that on any given day, if you completed those tasks you would earn roughly $25. For every task you complete there is a 10% fee taken from the potential reward. HOWEVER, we (the company) do not KEEP all 10% of that fee. Instead, we share it with YOU (Those who are helping our community grow) and this is how we do it.
    Out of the $25 in rewards you earned by completing those 100 tasks...there would be $2.50 held back in referral fees.
    We share 40% of those referral fees with the DIRECT referrer who brought that person into the system, which in this case would be $1. The company then keeps $1.50 (and this is how we make our money, in case you were wondering) wink emoticon
    NOW...Let's say you have just 10 people directly referred to you, and let's say that each of those 10 people completed the 100 tasks available that day just like you did.
    This means that you would be paid a $1 referral bonus for each of those 10 people, which would mean an ADDITIONAL $10 in earnings for that day ON TOP of the $22.50 YOU MADE by completing the tasks as well!
    That's a total of $32.50 you made in a single day!
    Simply do that every day and BOOM...
    You've earned $975 for the month!
    What would an additional $975 a month mean to you in your life?
    Here's the best part...
    You haven't spent a single penny and you didn't have to "sponsor" or "recruit" your friends and family into some "biz opp" or MLM opportunity that they have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in before you can make anything!
    We have over 1,000 members in our community right now...if only just 10% of you post tasks for others to complete every single day at an average reward of just $.25...you're enabling every member here, including yourself to make the kind of money I just explained...PLUS you're growing your list, you're building your social following, you're getting leads and you're making more money in your primary business!
    Talk about a HUGE WIN/WIN right? smile emoticon
    THAT is what you're now part of and THAT is why I'm encouraging you to go out there and share this with EVERYONE you possible can...because I'll leave you with this thought...
    What if you personally referred not 10 people, but 100, 200, 300 or MORE?
    The more you personally refer...the more bonuses you will earn!
    AND I will tell you...the average reward will more than likely be MORE than $.25! What if the average reward was $.50 or $1 or even $5?