GetMoreTwitters affiliate program. WEEKLY pay outs, high conversions.

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    First off, I read the rules, and even spoke to someone else about this post and could not find if this is allowed or not. I am not sure if I am over looking something or what. This affiliate program is for the program I have.

    Commission: $12 - $24 per sale.
    Payout: Weekly payouts if commissions are higher then $100.
    Withhold: No withholds, earn only $12, get payed the following payout for your commissions!
    Marketing material: Banners, text ads, and text link ads included to help you market with.
    Bonus: $10 Bonus on new accounts. (you must make at least one commission to receive this bonus)
    Affiliate Script: We are using one of the most up to date popular affiliate tracking software there is. Idevaffiliate 6.0

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