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My Linksindexing Uername - hercules135

Awesome Indexing Rate. I submitted links in 3 parts.
Backlinks of profiles, B2b pages and some other blog stuff.

71 Links Submitted.
55 Indexed.
80% Index Rate (Exluding 2 noindex links, DUMB ME!)
Out of 16 links that were not indexed - 2 were no-index and 14 were b2b profiles and Tumblr blogs. All 55 indexed were orphaned profile links with substantial amount of content and pictures.

TAT was apox. 7 days.

Only regret is I should've asked for free credits for 10 more free links (hehe Greedy AF).

P.S: I apologize if this place is not for dropping reviews. Also i'm talking about this service - linksindexing.com, Can't seem to find the direct link in this thread, maybe I'm at wrong place!
Interested in a proper trial on this. Would be willing to sign up for other travel sites.

I submitted a support ticket and it's been a week without a reply. Please assist

Username: inaflashhh
I placed my order yesterday, but it is still pending. I also sent you a DM but did not hear back from you.

Order ID: 6746

Are you guys still in business?
Am i the only one who missed the website URL in the first post on the thread or is it not there
Interested in free trial.
I badly need this. what will be the Ratio of indexing? After index, is there any chances again deindex

About 2 weeks ago, I sent a couple of Web 2.0 pages in a giveaway that @Social Pracharak has been doing.

Everything was indexed in a couple of hours and I was honestly delighted with the result.

So if you have problems with indexing, especially Web 2.0 pages, @Social Pracharak can help.

Thank you mate, I wish you all the best with the new BST!
I've tried this service recently, guy got my links indexed within 24h, highly recommended!
Very fast service. I have try the free service for 10 backlinks trial and all the backlinks are indexed on Google. Yesterday i have received the code for trial and today the backlinks are indexed.

I received a trial version consisting of 10 links to be indexed. According to the report delivered by @Social Pracharak 7 out of 10 links are indexed. This service works really well. Currently I am waiting for my paid order to be delivered and if it brings good results I am ready to order more.
OK, I tried the service... 8 out of 10 links got indexed. Very impressive.

@Social Pracharak, I don't know how you do it but it seems to work, at least for now. Your service is a bit pricey but it works. One problem, not many people need to index 100 links at once, most people need to index a few links a day only to maintain the velocity so it would be a great idea if you could implement a credit system so we could top up and use the credits. Any plans for it?
Got my report today, the report shows 18 out of 20 links are indexed...checked them manually by myself & it's true! bang for the money & will be placing more orders soon.
9 out of 10 links indexed. This is super good. I did gsa blast, used onehourindexer, google api, they didn't. I'm definitely going to buy now.
Review Time

I gave 10 links for indexing and these links have not been indexed in past months and within a day 7 of 10 links were indexed some were handwritten pbn posts and some spun but I am very happy with the service.
The seller is also very communicative which is a good thing. Great service will def use it for imp links.

5 days ago I sent 10 links for the trial and today 8 links on the 10 I submitted have been indexed. All web 2.0, wordpress, blogspot, tumblr and mystrikingly properties.
Really solid service, I will place some orders soon
Sent 10 links. And within 2 days 7 out of 10 links got indexed which were not indexed for a month now. Really amazed with the service. Seller is providing legit service. Tried a lot of indexing services to index the links(2 paid ones) but none of them worked. But this guy indexed it in 2 days.
Sent 10 links for trial within 1 day 7 out of 10 links got indexed which were not indexed previously. @Social Pracharak did some fabulous job.If you are struggling to index then must give a try @Social Pracharak
Just checked today 7 out of my 10 backlinks are now indexed in google, i guess i just needed to be a bit more patience
I requested a trial package of 10 links to test this service, results: after a week 90% of my links got indexed, some profiles, pbn and edu backlinks.
Overall: i can say this is a really good indexing service, im happy with the quick results, the price is also cheap, definitely recommended.
I tested the free 10 Links indexing Service. The links were from a poor quality PBN and the content was also machine-generated and low quality.
The indexing took around 5 days and 6 out of those 10 were indexed in google. This is 60% and more than I had expected.
For Tier 1 indexing, this is a great service!!!
got the index report :)

8 links indexed I hope the other two will also index soon.

Thanks :) and best of luck!
Review time

I ordered 50x links to be indexed. And almost 89% of those links are now indexed. I waited to see if they will stick, and it is been weeks and we are still good.

Also, the ones that were not index has the no-index tag, and some are not public.

Really recommended!
I have sent 10 links to test the service and 8 of them are indexed.
This is the best indexing service i come across in the last 6 months (I have tried 4 well - known services lastly and none of them worked)
It is worth trying. I will keep using it.
Best regards
i got 10 free review
from ten got 8 indexed.
this is good enought
Thank you mate, I wish you all the best with the new BST!
View attachment 200596

This is an amazing service, 94 % of links are indexed and these kinds of links are really hard for indexing. Doesn't matter how many backlinks you build if it's not indexed google will not count it as a vote. I tried a lot of index services online, like speed links, omega indexer, gi index and they can't even index 1% of the links.

From now on this service will be my favorite to spend the money for link indexing!

Thanks for such amazing service!
I paid $1 for 10 links to index.
He got all 10 indexed :)
awesome service 5 stars!!!!
My Review:: Submitted 10 links and all of them got indexed. Superb service..

But only thing is that you have to submit minimum 10 links in one order and the price is not affordable which is 0.10$ per url..
I tried out the indexing service by @Social Pracharak

I was satisfied with the results. 19/20 links indexed which is pretty great nowadays.

The only link that didn't index was my stockhouse blog post, which is tougher to index.

Anyways, this is my go to guy. I recommend this service to anyone who wants successful indexing.
got a review copy for 10 backlinks

Here's the review -

Links submitted =10
already indexed = 2
indexed from your work = 5
not indexed yet = 3

all 5 links indexed within 48 hours. Pretty cool service for aqnyone looking to save time and get them link juices flowing for cheap.

Recommended :)
Just want to thanks @Social Pracharak for the trial package. Submitted 10 links and 7 got indexed. 1 link has noindex tag.
Love the interface as well. Will be ordering shortly.
submitted 10 URLs, got all indexed including blogspot subdomain, wordpress subdomains, and other sites where Google Search Console cannot be verified or sites do not have sitemap.xml files.
All URLs had meta tag as "index"

In all nice service. takes 4-5 days for order to get completed. that's acceptable. But for time-bound URLs like news article or some breaking-news kind of stuff to get indexed quickly the service should be bit improved and quick.

5 out of 5 stars from me.
Submit 10 web 2.0. 7 are indexed. These are very good results. I am currently testing other forum indexers to decide on one so I can make a smart purchase. It seems right now that this is the best option.
submitted 10 URLs from my new blog, got all indexed including, In all nice service All my URLs of news article On Google with stars and ratings
5 out of 5 stars I will order the service again
Short Review:
I submitted 10 urls from my expired domain site. It took 2 days for my order to go from "pending" to "processing". As soon as it was in "processing", all the urls got indexed immediately. They were indexed in the GSC but were not showing up in search using the "site:" operator. It took another 3 - 4 days to show up in search.
Overall, a great service.
I tried out the Trial offer to test the service and to my surprise all the links were indexed in a day although the order was processed a bit late. The same type of links were a hit or miss with my previous ways. I have placed a couple orders and this service is definitely recommended to those that have issues in indexing their links.

if dripfeed or urgent indexing option is available while placing the order, then it would be useful.
I Submitted 34 links to op just to test his service. i am surprised with the result 32 out of 34 links got index that is 94% indexing ratio higher than any other indexing service. i have used many other famous indexer speedy links, omega indexer etc none of them working for me. The communication with op was really easy their support system typically replied within 4-5 hours. Definitely you should try this service if you struggling to index your links

View attachment 202548
review: I got free balance and submitted 10 urls.

9/10 indexed though the report says all indexed.

anyway awesome service and way over my expection!

thanks and will use your service.
hope the quality continues!
One of the only link indexing services on here that actually works - will pretty much index any legit link. Also, great customer support :)
My site has been struggling with the indexation of articles since August, some of them were still waiting to rank up until now.

The service works magic. I placed an order of 30 pages and all have been already indexed, with some already ranking pretty well.

Definitely recommend it as finally, I have some motivation back to keep pumping content since it ranks again.

Will definitely order again.
I tested the service with the free trial, 9 links out of 10 got indexed. Surprisingly the most difficult one (as in less obvious) was indexed and the most easiest one was not. I was happy with the result so I decided to become a paid costumer a placed an order for 15 links. Thanks again for your help
Very good service , fast indexing and reasonable price !
Great service... 80% index rate across multiple orders for both on-site blog post and offsite guest posting indexing.

Bought the $10 credits to test this out. Submitted 32 links and within 48 hours or so 95% of them are indexed. No more words. I'm loving it. :)

Will continue to buy as long as this service works and running. Good luck with your service OP.
Received a trial of 10 links to test out this indexing service. I made the mistake of not checking if all the URLs I'm submitting could actually be indexed (some of them had noindex meta tags). So, out of the 10 links, 4 had noindex tags. In the end, 5 links got indexed while 1 was marked "Super Hard" and failed. Overall, I can recommend this indexing service!

I got a free review of 10 links and so far 6 have been indexed.

The other 4 have been stubborn but maybe they will be indexed later.

Got delivered one of my order 8 out 10 links got indexed & cached, 2 links have noindex tag. Hope to deliver my rest orders with same results.
Tested every other services on BHW. But this one is the only value for money service that really works. When you are spending $0.1 for a link, one have to be careful on choosing the guaranteed service. With Links indexing I am getting 80-90% indexing ratio.
Finally i found working indexing solution it's bit expensive but works not like other indexer who sucks your money and not able to index your links i submitted 38 links and 34 links indexed already. The thing i really i liked is his report he actually tell the reason if any link not get indexed so i can remove those sites from my link building list. Great work! i will place new order soon.
Tried it out, the processing took some days but it seems to have worked well. Out of 10 links, 6 were indexed instantly when he got around to my order. Report was good to have as well.

Got my FREE trial and 80% of my posts where indexed within 12 hours, I like this service very much.

Thanks @Social Pracharak your my go-to guy from now on .. =)
Good service. 11 out of 12 links got indexed in the first 12 hours. Will order again.
A brief review of the service

Overall I highly recommend this service, I was given $1 to test the indexer and I actually noticed that after my order was accepted and done all the submitted links showed up in Google right away.

Thanks and I will be using in the future!
Got my free trial and it was pretty good. The admin really helped me from start to end. Thank you for indexing my links. I will be a regular customer and would also recommend it to my SEO friends.
Satisfied with free trials.
added some credits and order a priority to index my para$ites quicker but some sites got deleted so I had to cancel my order, here the support was quick within 15 mins I got refunded for the canceled order and I placed a new order.

Wish the priority order is quicker compared to the normal order this is the only cons I have.

The seller also told me to contact him if I needed to index the links more quicker.

5/5 Recommended service
Thors quick review:
Got a free trial of 10 links. Thor got 7 out of 10 links indexed, a result to be super pleased with especially since some links had been un-indexed for quite many months. Will be back for more orders and I really recommend this seller, +++++ and a big Swedish Viking SKÅL for this service.
submitted 10 URLs from the free trial, and after 12 hours, I got 6 indexed.
and the other 4 would be also in the process of further indexing.
In terms of many indexing services not as good as usual, this one is a really good one, I think.
will come back to submit more URLs for sure.
thanks a lot
Within 6 hours after processing. All of my links are indexed. Hoping to get more links indexed after buying your service. Thanks for the free trial.
So, this guy helped to index 10 pages and this was the result. Man thanks for the service.

View attachment 212129
I tested this service it works all 10 Web 2.0 links indexed in google which wasn't indexing from a long after even pushing gsa links, I also tried speedy links but none of them indexed but this guy indexed those links perfectly I have deposit $10 will submit new order
Thank you for a free trial.

Here's my quick review:

I provided 10 blog post urls which were having hard time getting indexed even though the posts were of high quality and was published on good guest blogging site, and to my surprise all of those got indexed. This is a true legitimate service. Thanks again.
Alright, my feedback. I sent 10 URLs and 7 are already indexed only 3 didn't succeed. But it's reasonable!
have sent 10 links to be indexed using the service and got 9 out of them indexed in about 2 days or so, very impressed by the results ! :)
I got free trial and have pretty good results. Good job :)
My Review:

Got a free trial of 10 links. 9 out of 10 links indexed after 48 hours, very impressed by the results really solid link indexing service and communication with the seller is really easy i sent him message on Skype for the discount & he typically replied within 5 hours every time. Submitted new order of 90 links hoping same result again.
This is a good indexing service.

The indexing rate is fast.

And indexing ratio is 60-80% which is quite good.


Also, OP gave me bonus credit too.
Thanks for the services.
I got the free trial and indexed 10/10 urls , am very impressed with your services. Thanks again
My review of Links Indexing Service.

I submitted 10 manually created web 2.0 backlinks for my website, on 20 Jun 2022.

The order was completed on Jun 22, only two days after submission.

6 links over the 10 were successfully indexed and I must say that I'm pretty satisfied with that.

Here is a screenshot of the report with the web2.0 lists that indexed (so that you can create yours also if needed :) ). I manually checked all of them on google and the report is trustworthy.

View attachment 216811

Thank you @Social Pracharak , I will surely order more in the future.
My Linksindexing Uername - hercules135

Awesome Indexing Rate. I submitted links in 3 parts.
Backlinks of profiles, B2b pages and some other blog stuff.

71 Links Submitted.
55 Indexed.
80% Index Rate (Exluding 2 noindex links, DUMB ME!)
Out of 16 links that were not indexed - 2 were no-index and 14 were b2b profiles and Tumblr blogs. All 55 indexed were orphaned profile links with substantial amount of content and pictures.

TAT was apox. 7 days.

Only regret is I should've asked for free credits for 10 more free links (hehe Greedy AF).

P.S: I apologize if this place is not for dropping reviews. Also i'm talking about this service - linksindexing.com, Can't seem to find the direct link in this thread, maybe I'm at wrong place!

How to Order?
1. Create your account on https://www.linksindexing.com

2. Deposit Money in your account
3. Submit Your Links

How to Claim Free Trial?
1. Create your account on https://www.linksindexing.com
2. Post your username on thread.


Email: [email protected]
Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/uKX4J4HnVN0I
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