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    Dear Fellow Warriors!

    My name is Scott Inman and I've got a VERY special (Warriors Only) money-making offer for you today. But first, let me ask you this...

    Are you tired of making pennies each day with AdSense? Don't get enough traffic to earn anything with ad networks like Adbrite, Chitika, and all the others?

    Have you worked hard, building up your AdSense empire, only to come to the stark reality that you're just not earning enough to quit your day job?

    Are you tired of worrying if your "AdSense Empire" will get the "ban hammer" like so many other innocent, hardworking AdSense affiliates and see all your earnings disappear overnight?


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    See the demo blog in action







    OK Scott...How Much For All This?

    Great Question...Considering I?m selling this plugin on my site (cbcashlinks.com) for $37 WITHOUT the blogs bonus...let?s recap:

    1) You?re getting the CB Cashlinks plugin to use on all your own domains - Value $37
    2) You?re getting a FREE developer license to use on sites you flip, etc. - Value $97
    3) You?re getting 3 professional, PLR Niche Blogs with basic resell rights - Value $51
    4) The BONUS BLOGS come with the Backup Buddy plugin allowing for a 60 second installation - Value $150
    5) Free, unlimited support - Priceless!
    6) A 30-day money back guarantee (I don?t even offer refunds on my main site!)
    7) Free plugin upgrades
    8) And much more...

    Considering I paid $100s to have this plugin developed and my PLR Blogs EACH sell for $17 on my main site, my goal is to completely SHOCK YOU!

    Today, you'll only have to invest a mere $11!

    However, You MUST ACT FAST!

    This incredibly low price won?t stay this low for long...

    Remember this: Just one sale per month on a clickbank product would not only pay for this plugin many times over, but will most likely earn you more than 30 days of AdSense earnings. The cool thing is, you can STILL use AdSense with the "banner campaign" functionality!

    Also, your BONUS BLOGS are perfect for:

    - Internet Marketers (CPA, Clickbank, AdSense, YOUR OWN PRODUCTS, and so on)
    - Site Flippers Make more than your investment back in one day with just one flip!
    - Selling to your list! Think about how much you?ll make offering these awesome blogs to your list?
    - Have a paid membership site? Your members will be over the moon with these niche blogs.
    - Building & Expanding your VRE (Virtual Real Estate)
    - The list goes on....

    Regarding the blogs, some of my customers have asked me, "Scott, can I really make money with these blogs?". The answer is of course, YES! Some of my customers are making a killing site flipping these blogs.

    True Story: One customer wrote to me recently saying she has only installed one of my blogs and is already making $45/day!

    Each blog comes with Backup Buddy to help you install these blogs in minutes! WP Twin files are also included!

    Here Are Your Generous Rights For The CB Cashlinks Plugin:

    [YES] Can be used on personal blogs that you own.
    [YES] Can add the plugin to your customers' domained blogs but cannot sell the plugin itself.
    [YES] Can add the plugin to blogs that you flip on sites like Flippa.com.
    [NO] Can give away for free.
    [NO] Can be added to free membership sites.
    [NO] Can sell the plugin.
    [NO] Can sell Resell Rights.
    [NO] Can sell Master Resell Rights.
    [NO] Can claim original copyright of the plugin.
    [NO] No to everything else

    Here Are Your Generous PLR Blog Rights (Basic Resell Rights Only):

    [YES] Can be used on personal blogs that you own.
    [YES] Can sell to your list for a minimum price of $17 per blog. Can only sell personal rights.
    [YES] Can bundle with other products that exceed a total of $47 in value.
    [YES] Can be added to paid membership sites that charge at least $19.95 per month. Your members receive personal rights.
    [YES] Can sell these blogs on Flippa after you have added content to make at least 50% more unique.
    [YES] Can edit / rebrand and sell as your own as long as you sell at the prices mentioned above.
    [YES] Can sell or giveway the articles.
    [YES] Can sell the theme on its own. Recommended price is $17.
    [NO] Can give away for free.
    [NO] Can be added to free membership sites.
    [NO] Can sell Private Label Rights (except for articles).
    [NO] Can sell Resell Rights.
    [NO] Can sell Master Resell Rights.
    [NO] Can claim original copyright of the blog package.
    [NO] Can sell derivatives of these blogs as a WSO.
    [NO] No to everything else

    Seller Page:
    Download: :D
    ENJOY! :) :D
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