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Get Video Created,Uploaded to 10 Video Social Sites to Get Backlinks,SEO,More Visitor

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by leongracia34, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. leongracia34

    leongracia34 Newbie

    Jul 8, 2009
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    Just to brief about the service:
    1. We create a Unique video with ur website link, keywords & some
    related text titles.
    2. We email u youtube link of this video for your approval & if you approve then
    3. We'll upload this video to 10+ sharing sites (including video
    sharing sites like
    videos,metacafe) & send you those links where its uploaded.

    If you want some modifications/revisions to be done we can do maximum
    3 revisions per video as per your suggestions after seeing the 1st
    version of the video we created.

    4. We also send u a link from where u can download .mp4 format of your video.
    5. When uploading to video sites we fill your website link there, add
    your keywords so you get more SEO done that way. This brings you
    traffic from those who watch those Videos & also gets you some
    6. Videos are appealing so can be used on your Website, Can be used
    for your Product Launch, Can be used on your Sales page as Video
    boosts Sales, Can be used in your newsletters too.
    7. These Videos increase the professional branding of your
    Websites/Services check out previous client samples above.

    See below Quality of the Videos we've created for so many of our
    previous customers.


    Also click below image to see proof of Visitors coming from uploaded Video
    <a href="http://www.upload.mn/view/3nqxo6ukcxfdcwt7p1pu.jpg"><img
    border="0" alt="Upload.mn" /></a>

    To reduce the delay in u waiting for our PM we've given all details
    here itself.

    Cost for this service is only $24.
    (We may raise the price soon so get in touch with us sooner)
    You will never get such quality Videos Created at such a bargain price
    anywhere on the whole internet. You Can Do all the Search & Let us
    know about it.

    Check out http://www.domainsellinglive.com/100-links-video-upload
    for proof .

    On that site we are offering 100+ uploads for $100.
    But we also have this starter package where we'll do 1 Video creation
    & uploading to 10+ sites for just $24.
    Payment needs to be sent first to begin work.

    Please email roger.smithson10 @ gmail (.) com. Plz make the payment to
    this paypal id [email protected](.)com . Send below details so we
    can start working on ur videos.

    1. Website link
    2. Keywords to focus on

    3. If u can provide images great else we'll try to arrange - any preferences?
    4. audio any preferences - if yes plz send mp3 download location link
    else we'll use some appealing music.

    5. Any other specific instructions about the video , plz write in
    detail & clearly.

    Thanks for your interest. We may take upto 2 working days to finish &
    send the video for your review. Once u approve we'll upload it to
    video sharing sites

    Email roger.smithson10 @ gmail (.) com if you need any more info.