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Can you send me some review copy.
Sure, what is your username on our website?
Your free membership is activated!
Nevermind I went ahead and paid lol
Thanks for the support man!


Download 25.000+ Premium WordPress Plugins and Themes.
Directly from your WordPress Dashboard.


Register on our website HERE and comment your Festinger Vault username on our Black Hat Sales Thread to receive 1 month of BONUS access.

Register on our website HERE and comment your Festinger Vault username on our Black Hat Sales Thread to receive 1 month of BONUS access.

We have over 10,000 customers using our Festinger Vault services (source).
Quotes in the sales graphic are taken from

Great ! Nobody is willing to spend time to update themes, plugins for free. Actually I'm quite supprised when you replied comments for over a year. You should have done this when you first opened your threads. I definitely use this service.
Nice sale thread! I know that @Festinger provide quality themes and plugins for a long time here, on BHW. I highly recommend him!!
Just recieved my one month free coupon from OP.
I have used his private gallery before.. So, i know how good this guy is.
Lifetime access is cheap for the value you are getting here.
I see 250+ premium themes ( from themeforest)
I will upgrade to lifetime access once this review copy expires.
As a webdesigner, i know how important its to have access to this type of UPDATED collection.
I got a free review and I must say this database of plugins and themes is HQ and so awesome!

The plugins and themes are clean and up to date. Big Thumbs up!
Festinger does not disappoint, i recieved a free monthly review copy.
The website that he puts the site on is very easy to understand and very clean. There are Wordpress Plugins and Themes.
I downloaded a bunch of 'em and they all seem to work fine, didn't run into any problems whatsoever.

Just judging by the amount of files he has uploaded there, you are saving a ton of money rather than investing it in one plugin all alone. This is one heck of a deal!
Brilliant service by festinger, can definitely recommend this!
I have used the vault in the past. So I don't need the review copy to know how good a deal this is. This is a no brainer for anyone looking to run a few WordPress sites in the coming days.

Bought the Lifetime Membership Plan. :cool:

Thanks @Festinger
Review copy.

  • Very nice vault from the famous Festinger
  • Stupid easy to surf the website and find whatever you need.
  • I think 4 USD a month worth as only to update the files takes time.

Proper stuff. Thanks mate!

I was lucky to receive the free review copy from OP!
The site is ultra easy to use. Just register for an account and you can find all of the best themes/plugins for wordpress to download on the site.
Everything is well categorized and updated to the latest version.
Looking forward to get buy an ultimate account from OP the next month!
Received a review copy-

The collection is enormous and most of them are getting updated.
These are not random plugin or themes; These are premium best selling themes.
thank you.
Being one of those here that pushed for better quality resources in the plugins/themes area, I have found @Festinger to be top notch!
Everything he offers is legit, quality and right. Highly recommended. Good luck Festinger.
Received the free review copy from Festinger. Registered quickly and saw that the collection is huge . I was amazed to see the number of premium themes available on the site. All the stuff is very well categorized and updated.
Received the review copy. Got the login info from OP and got in without any issue. For this pricing, there is nothing to complain about. Treat this as a trial for downloading REAL themes and plugins you like and try it on your wordpress site. If you really like it, continue with this service or simply go purchase from the original sellers.

I actually paid for this service, but I still feel festinger deserves a review for this great deal.

I honestly think this is the best deal I have ever seen on BHW and I've been a member here for six years. The price is incredibly low. For the cost of a modest meal, you will have access to all the premium WP plugins and themes you'll ever need. All legit and paid for by Festinger himself; none of those dodgy WP plugins and themes with viruses and backdoor scripts here.

The selection is great too. There's literally hundreds and hundreds of plugins and themes to choose from (if not thousands). All top quality and premium. From Codecanyon to Woocommerce to Yoast and everything else in between, they are all here. He also makes sure he keeps them all up to date with the latest versions so you don't have to worry about that. On top of it all, there is request section on the site.

He's also a great guy to deal with and a pleasure to do business with.

Honestly, if you use WordPress, you can't afford not to use this service.

I highly recommend signing up and gaining access to the huge library. You won't regret it.

Good luck with your sales OP and thanks for saving me a ton of money!

James :)
Thank you so much for this Sir. Went ahead and signed up for one month. It is a gold mine for WordPress designers like me. So many premium plugins that I always used to think, will I ever get a chance to try them at least. Thank you so much and wish you all the very best for your future. :)

Anyone having any doubt of signing up just forget it and go ahead, you will really appreciate his efforts. :)
Disclaimer: I got free 1-month access in exchange for my review.

Well, there's really nothing much to say here. This is a true goldmine if you're one to try different themes, layouts, designs, etc.
I've been using some elements from @Festinger's vault before it turned into a paid service, and you're getting the same quality with constant updates.
The site is effortless to use, and the downloads are faster than ever. Just sign up, search for your needed theme(s) and/or plugin(s), and they'll be installed on your site before you know it!

$30 for lifetime access? This, my fellow blackhatters, is a no-brainer for any webmaster!

Good luck with sales, @Festinger!
Seriously this is like the best thread I've ever come across. I bought yesterday and everything works perfectly. You've saved me soo much money, @Festinger you are a legend!
My review:

I thought I won't expect much from this service, but I am wrong.

Easy to use, just login and find your theme, download, you're done.

I can find there includes

  • themeforest 250 themes
  • mythemeshop complete package
  • elegant around 10 themes
and some other popular ones etc, etc.

And all seems the latest package! Let alone, festinger will update it along the time. Consider the price and the real value, damn, this is surely, no one can refuse it.

The only downside I can think is, I want all elegant theme package, but he does not own all, just several of them, what a pity. But mythemeshop ones are not bad at all, so...


Consider there is no such service that can guarantee u the latest popular wp themes and at a such low price, I can conclude this is the best wp theme service till now, and will be in a very very long time.
Festinger was kind enough to provide me with a review copy of this service and boy i was glad to see that the Private Storage is a vault of a mega collection of the most popular themes and plugins on the market!! These can be instantly downloaded and ready to be deployed! Definitely recommended!
Received 14 days trial:
I've used his collection in the past (Mega). Big collection of files.

Regarding this new service:
I logged into the site and everything is straight forward - clean and big collection of themes and plugins.
I'm going to get the lifetime deal once I sort out something in my side.

Suggestion: It'd be a lot easier if we could see the version of the theme or plugin in the inventory so that we can know easily if that's the latest version or not.
I got 14 days free for a honest review 2 days ago and I'm already lovin' this service and gona pay the lifetime fee.

Here is why:

  • The ammount of material in Festinger's vault: Basicly there is a plugin/theme for any kind of project.
  • There are some plugins which costs $500 for a lifetime license.
  • @Festinger is helpful and responded me fairly quickly every time I asked a question.
  • Clean design.
  • This is a steal for $30. I already downloaded 2 theme and 1 plugin which would have cost me $100+
What I didnt like?

  • I'd like to have a short description about the files next to them along with a link to their original salespage, so I dont have to copy+paste their name every time just to get a live demo.

So, do I recommend this service?

Abso - fuckin' - lutely! :p
Awesome service and a lot of great themes and plugins.

The ideal solution if you like me run many sites and niches that all need their own themes and plugins.

We speak ever so often as we are from the same country, Festinger is a solid guy who is very receptive to communication so you can't go wrong with this service.

The current prices a ridiculously low for what is offered so if I were you I would grab the lifetime offer as I'm pretty sure prizes could increase in the future.
I received a review copy and let me tell you that it's amazing!

I was about to buy an expensive plugin and checked Festinger's Vault... He had the last version!!

All I can say is that he has almost 1000 paid plugins (yeah, I counted them) and loads of paid themes. If you want to create a website and you want to save some bucks, pay for his Vault!! You won't regret!!
I signed up for festinger and it was crazy. I didnt think i would download so many plugins but now i have the best premium plug ins for a fraction of the price.

i have so many ideas for new site with the specialized themes i am storing too. But never enough time.
I have searched for best WordPress themes and plugins websites, I Stuck at Festinger's WordPress website, really every plugins and themes are affordable with low pric, quality and I love the man who is behind this website @Festinger, awesome support... Keep rockiNg... thanks @Festinger.. :):)
Festinger's Vault is really a useful and reliable mineral deposit.
You can get countless benefit from it.
I appreciate Festinger's great efforts.
Here is my review for the best service on the planet!

I am using Festinger Vault from the beginning. What I can say? This is my best life investment so far. I was lucky enough to buy lifetime access on time and take my mom's credit card. Thank you mom and thank you @Festinger .

Take this offer guys while the price doesn't go up!


Register on our website HERE and comment your Festinger Vault username on our Black Hat Sales Thread to receive 1 month of BONUS access.

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Download 25.000+ Premium WordPress Plugins and Themes.
Directly from your WordPress Dashboard.


Register on our website HERE and comment your Festinger Vault username on our Black Hat Sales Thread to receive 1 month of BONUS access.

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