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    POC video here: youtube. com/watch?v=KzEuQcX-dFk

    Here are the steps, enjoy:

    1 ? Login to any Facebook account
    It can be used with your personal account, it doesn?t matter.
    If you follow the steps as described, it shouldn?t get you any troubles.

    2 ? Like the Page
    Don?t worry, I?m not gonna tell you to keep doing that .
    You just need to have 1 real like at least to make it work.
    So go ahead and like your webpage.

    3 ? Share the Page

    Copy your webpage link, and paste it in the status bar.
    Now, you don?t want to raise a red flag, therefore before publishing the post, make it so only you could see the status update.
    To do that, choose the ?Only Me? option.
    Also, make sure that the link preview box appears.
    4 ? Comment on it
    Not any comment folks.
    Copy your webpage link, and paste it as a comment on the status update that you made.
    After the last Facebook update, when you post a link as a comment, it will automatically show the link preview, which is awesome for us (each comment is counted as a Like).
    Repeat this 4-5 times (not more, you don?t want to get blocked)

    5 ? Delete the Post
    This step is optional, but I prefer to do it anyway.
    Pay attention that your webpage has already got 6-7 likes for now. And the great thing is that even if you delete the post, your likes will remain
    After you delete the post, simply repeat the steps 3,4 and 5 and enjoy the Likes

    6 ? Getting CAPTCHA?

    If you are doing this quickly, the CAPTCHA checker may appear.
    To fill the CAPTCHA and just continue commenting is not a solution, as it may get your account blocked or even banned.
    The good news is that I?ve found a solution for this problem:
    1) Create 5 fan-pages (or more, depends on how many likes you wish to have). Also these fan-pages titles don?t really matter as no one will actually see them.
    2) Switch to use Facebook as ?fanpage1″. To do that simply go to your fan-page and click on ?Use Facebook as ?fanpage1′ ?
    3) Make a status update on the fan-page. It doesn?t matter what you write, just post a random status update.
    4) Copy your webpage link and post it as a comment on the status you posted. Repeat this 5-6 times (wait ~2 seconds between each comment).
    5) Switch fan-page; Now go to ?fanpage2″ and switch to use Facebook as ?fanpage2″, then repeat the steps 3 and 4.
    Repeat these 5 steps with all the 5 fan-pages to avoid getting the Captcha message.

    7 ? If You Want
    Great stuff like these are really hard to find.
    Be the first to enjoy our next tutorial simply by subscribing.
    Remember that we never send anything else than notifications for new posts.

    Credits go to WizIM
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    Oh, didn't notice that you posted it here, so I posted it again.

    Thanks for the credit bytzu, really appreciate it :)
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    its not working :(
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    just worked for me when i tried.. thanks OP
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    wrote in big letters to be seen

    Really this works! Thank you for sharing!
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    Yes it work but... What is the point lol?
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    didnt work for me
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    If the likes increases on the webpage will it reflect on the fan page?
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    Works like a charm. Thank you so much.

    I have question also about Likes Button on Websites and FB Pages of the Websites - is possible to count likes from our website as a simple like of FB page?? Its a bit weird that these likes are totally different. If you like a website, its obvious that you like FB fan page too :)

    UPDATE (22/01/2012)

    Don't be so excited about this. Seems like FB know that I am doing this for particular website so they became aware of it. If you comment/status update with the same website they will increase attention and start to asking you for captcha solve almost everytime you post a comment.

    Right now I am doing this from BT5 Live CD and it still asking me for captcha. Yes, I didn't change the IP but I don't think so it will work without putting the captcha anyway...
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