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    This may be old news, but I don't see anybody doing it besides me and, since I have tapped out my target niches, I'm going to tell people what I'm doing.

    The days of mis-type domain traffic are mainly over, except for one facet that is overlooked by most; "c-m" (it won't let me type the actual extension). The "c-m" domain extension is the top-level extension for Cameroon.

    "c-m" domains can be purchased from Marcaria along with a few others. I have only used Marcaria and I can say that they are legit.

    All it takes is somebody to hit the "o" key too lightly while typing in example "c-o-m" and instead they will end up with example "c-m", after which most people will hit "enter" before taking the time to realize that they have mis-typed "c-m" instead of the intended "c-o-m".

    Many of today's browsers are equipped to auto-complete a url as you are typing it in, so this is a drawback to this strategy. However, I can tell you from first-hand experience that there is still a large number of people who either do not have this function, or do not use it because they stare down at the keyboard as they type and then hit "enter" rather than looking at the screen.

    I have several of these domains in adult-related niches and about 34 of them bring me over 84,000 unique hits per month, consistently.

    True, mis-type traffic doesn't convert as well as other types of traffic, however, the traffic you get will be of equal quality to PPV traffic. Many people generate large profits off of PPV traffic by paying to have a pop-up window appear on a pre-determined url or keyword enter by the user.

    So, although people will be sent to your page unintentionally, PPV traffic is also sent to the user without their consent, but is still a proven method of generating targeted high-volume traffic that gets conversions when used properly.

    With the "c-m" domains, your traffic will be targeted because you will purchase "c-m's" that are otherwise equal to that of a website competing in your niche, i.e "super cheap targeted traffic".

    If google "c-m" was still available (which obviously it is not) and you purchased it, you could forward every visitor who hits the "o" key too lightly while typing google's url to the page of your choice because you now own that "c-m" domain. Use this strategy to purchase "c-m" domains which mimic websites of your competitors and forward all of the traffic to a landing page relating to exactly whatever niche that user was trying to access when they mis-typed your competitor's url, but ended up typing yours by mistake.

    There! Super cheap targeted traffic that costs you nothing more than the yearly registration of your domain(s). This method is proven effective from my own experience.



    Research the websites you are interested in "borrowing" traffic from through purchasing a "c-m" domain mimic. NOT ALL TRAFFIC IS EQUAL.

    Don't purchase the "c-m" of a "c-o-m" website just because it gets a ton of traffic. It is the TYPE of traffic that is important. You want type-in traffic.

    A "c-o-m" website might get 5 million hits per day, but if all of that traffic comes through banners and links and other click-through traffic, then none of those people are going to mis-type and end up on your "c m" by mistake.

    You want to pick domains that are well known to the people who visit them. The best websites are the ones that get a lot of traffic, not because they have a lot of advertising all over the place, but because people know where they want to go without searching and just simply type the url into their browser.

    Doing research on Alexa, among other online statistic databases, can help you separate the websites that are getting a lot of type-in traffic from the ones getting a lot of click-through traffic.
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