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    From the book:

    "We created a new website on a one-year old '.com' domain owned by a client. This
    domain had not previously been used and had no previous web site on it. The domain
    obviously did not have any back links to it at the start of the experiment.
    Before you ask, we can not reveal the keywords for this experiment or the web site we
    used, because we did this work for a client.
    We created six pages targeting six two-word phrases with about 5K exact match
    searches per month. The exact numbers as given by Googe's keyword tool are in the
    table below. We chose the keywords for each page by searching (using broad match) for
    two-word keywords where the top-ten rankings had the following characteristics:

    ? The average page rank of the top-ten results is between 2.0 and 3.0 and no page
    ranking in the top-ten has page rank of >5.
    ? The highest number of back links to any of the top ten pages is less than 500, as
    shown by Open Site Explorer.
    ? The average page authority of the top-ten results is 30 to 50 and no page ranking

    in the top-ten has authority > 75. This measurement is also obtained from Open
    Site Explorer.
    These parameters select niches that are not easy to rank a new page in, but that before
    the Penguin update, we could rank a new page in by creating back links to the page from
    three to seven packets from my back link packets series; the page would then rank
    within the top-ten results for the target keyword within three to five weeks.
    As explained in my top-ten method WSO, we don't pay any attention to how many
    results Google estimates there are for this keyword. That's because your real competition
    is the top-ten results, and all other results might as well not exist, since they're ranking
    on the second or even later pages."

    VT Check 0/42:
    Enjoy :D
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    Amazing share!