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    Here's an interesting book I found some time ago; I'm not sure if the book has been posted by another member, if so, please remove my thread.

    This method seems very easy to do, so I thought I'd share it. (No startup cash required)


    "In it's simplest form here is all we will be doing. Posting job openings on various sites, having people email a brief resume to our 'business email', set up an auto responder to reply to them with our 'company interview process' aka a survey, profit!"

    Set & Forget Method Easily Make $100/day

    Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you a pretty simple method that requires no start up cash and can be done by pretty much anyone.
    Always remember any method you see can always be customized to your liking for even more profit! Be creative and you can find either uses for this technique.


    In it's simplest form here is all we will be doing. Posting job openings on various sites, having people email a brief resume to our 'business email', set up an auto responder to reply to them with our 'company interview process' aka a survey, profit!

    Step 1 - Find our affiliate partner For this we will need an affiliate partner that pays us for having people fill out surveys. Any will do and you can easily find ratings/discussions all over the internet. But just to give you two to get started with AdWorkMedia and CPAGrip are fairly decent ones! All you need to do is sign up and you will have a selection of surveys and how much they pay when you get people to complete them.

    Step 2 - Create a 'business looking' email You can get away with gmail but do some reasearch and you might find nicer e-mail providers out there. For our purpose make sure the email provider you choose has a auto responder (sometimes also called vacation setting).

    If you're using a gmail just try to make up a formal name also upload a profile picture of a businessy looking man/or even woman. Men tend to work better for this, yes unusual but i'll explain why soon. So let's say your email is something like: [email protected] You want it to seem like it's the personal e-mail of the business owner. Because in society the perception is men are always the owners of "successful" businesses, so they think I should trust this guy can give me a solid job. (Don't forget your 'sucessful' businessman looking profile picture)

    Step 3 - Set up the magic auto responder and choose your survey Some surveys have very big payouts but low conversion rates because they either come off as spammy or ask for credit card information. Try to find one that you think converts well. Any niche will do which you will understand why soon. So let's say I find a nice survey that pays me $1.25 per completion in the car insurance niche. I get my affiliate link for the survey and boom it's go time.

    Now here is the part you need to focus on. Let's say the survey website/title is "Infinite Auto Analytics" (random name I made up). Now everything you do should be titled around that which will be explained in step 4. For your auto responder put a simple yet professional looking message. Something along the lines of.
    Quote:TITLE: Thank You!
    Message: Thank you for taking the time to apply! Infinite Auto Analytics is always looking for talented individuals. I'd love to get in touch with you preferably tomorrow. Before I can continue with an interview I need you to take our brief questionnaire to help me determine your previous experience in the auto analytics industry. Once you'e completed it I will review your result and determine if you quality for this position.
    Click Here To Go To The Questionnaire
    - Andrew Parsons Infinite Auto Analytics Human Relations & Recruiting

    Structure your e-mail something like this and it will come across as very professional.
    Notice a few keys in the e-mail
    1. I said "i'd like to get in touch tomorrow" this creates the need of urgency and your reader will think they have to do it now rather than later.
    2. Notice I did not throw up an ugly link. I hyper-linked it making it look professional and not suspicious.
    3. I made it personal and I even put my 'fake' position at the company.

    Step 4 - Posting on Job Sites Craigslist is only one of the sources you can use. It's the most obvious so you should start with that then branch out to other sites. Here is an example of one of the ads I put up.
    For this example I actually did not link to a survey I took it way further which I will explain in the final step 5 .

    Things to Notice - I advertise this as a work from home job - I put some BS 'small company' looking photo to make it look legit - I put the usual bs as job requirements
    So try to make your advertisements something like this but of course with your own twist to it.

    Step 5 - Scale it Big Time Here are tips to help you take this up to a much higher level and earn more than $20/day.
    - Post on multiple job sites. - Create multiple niches - Use custom domain e-mails to seem more legit
    Conclusion Imagine having 30 or so craiglist ads up with this method. Getting a couple hundred e-mails per day and having 100200 survey completions daily (very reasonable) you can easily be making $100+ a day. Set and forget autopilot!
    I really hope this helps you newcomers make your first few dollars. Now go out there and kill it

    Good luck & Profit!
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