Get Rid of Google Suggested Results When No Results for the Query are Found (Scrapbox)

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    I am running a scrape with Scrapebox for several hundred domains to see if those domains posted my links.

    Im using a very specific search string with Scrapebox:

    "a set of keywords"

    The links contain several footprints which can be easily pinpointed using this operation.

    What I am running into is the following problem:

    Google does not find any results for the string I am using (which is fine, just means links aren't up / linking pages not yet reindexed), but it gives suggested results instead.

    Here's how it looks:

    No results found for "a set of keywords"

    Results for "a set of keywords" (without quotes):

    The results it gives for "without quotes" are irrelevant garbage, which Scrapebox ends up taking.

    In the end Scrapebox has tons of garbage, because Google takes away the quotes and show results for "without quotes"

    Is there any search operator that can instruct Google NOT to give those results?

    In this case a search operator is needed, since it has to be plugged into Scrapebox (unless there's a way to make scrapebox work directly with URLs).

    Also tools to check specific pages for live links wont work, because my links may appear anywhere on the domain, and I dont control where, therefore I cant specify the URLs. The only thing I can do is search the entire domain in Google, and see if they're live based on my footprints. The technique used is white hat (at least for now lol), this is why there's so little control over linking.

    Any help would be appreciated.