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Apr 2, 2008
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Hi guys,
I am selling some articles.The titles are as follows:

Diabetes mellitus
Massively multiplayer role playing games
Mental Health
Social networks
Information and communication
Information technology
Role playing games
Video Games

All articles are above 400 words. They are unique and with correct grammar.
Also i will not take orders.I just sell what I write or have.
You can take the above articles at 1$/each.
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OP gave me a few article to review.

Good quality, well written.
also,someone asked me by pm.

yes these articles will be sold only once and are completely unique.
Interested in your articles on obesity. I am sending you a PM. Thanks.
I want to take blogs. How many articles are there inside it?
The above articles are all sold.below are some more articles which are related to the health niche:

Mental illness
Social phobia
Aloe vera
The omega 3 oils
Energy berry acai superfood

all are unique.10$ for these 10.
I've sent your payments
just PM me
and how you give me the articles??
How many words per articles?
Is it passed copyscape?
400 - 500 words per article.

passes copyscape otherwise will be replaced
How often will you have new articles? And will the price range stay between .1 -1 ? Will all the articles be at least 400 words long?
you're off line for the past 2 days
I really satisfied for ur service
and I want to order some more
just check ur PM
I have new articles daily.If they are not posted here that means they are sold by pm.
yes the price will always be 1$.
as AC accepts 400 words articles these will always be between 400-500 words.
Some more articles which are available:

Alcoholism:Biomedical Factors of addiction
Chloasma: the mask of pregnancy
Cosmetics: beauty or health?
Folic acid: an essential vitamin
Foods that can make you fall ill
Is caffeine really bad?
Is cancer inherited?
The importance of water in our lives.
What is known about breastfeeding?
Why breast milk is better?

These are the 10 articles that are available right now.All are above 400 words actually some of them are even of 800 words. These are unique and will be exclusive to the buyer.No reselling. you can use them for ac or for your site. The above pack costs 10$ for 10 articles.
The above articles are all sold.I have 10 more available in the health me if you want details about the remaining 10 articles.
Sent you a PM about business & financial articles a while ago, hope you didn't forget. ;)
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