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    I have been testing this method over the past couple days now and it is working pretty well so I thought I would share. This is similar to the link wheel but with a twist.

    Here are the sites you can use with this method...


    Step 1: Create a website or page on any of the listed sites above. NAME the page as the keyword you are trying to rank for. You can do this on all of the listed sites above for better results.

    Step 2: Keyword index your new site/pages with the keyword you are trying to rank for. Example, if you named your wetpaint account blackhatmarketing, then try and keyword index the content in your wetpaint website with "black hat marketing" a few times to put more weight on that keyword.

    Step 2.5: Find a few good articles on the internet to re write a bit and submit it to your new site(s) that you have created. Add as much useful information as you can on each of the sites, make sure it is unique content so you rank better. When re writing the content and adding new content, be sure to include your link a few times in each of the websites. You can do this a couple different ways, first way where you do not mention your site at all until it shows high in the searches (recommended) OR keyword index your website in the sites/pages a few times.

    Step 3: Get the links to your new sites/pages you just created and do some social bookmarking with them.
    - Digg.com
    - de.lirio.us
    - feedmarker.com
    - Jumptags.com
    - linkroll.com
    - reddit.com
    - Furl.net

    Step 4: Wait a 2 days, then update your pages some more with some more useful tips, advice, content, etc to make it updated for the next time the spider hits it.

    Depending on the competition on the keyword you are aiming to rank higher for in the search engines, you will see your pages you just created scoring high in the search engines for that keyword.

    Great tip for newbies to rank quick.
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    Furl.net ? You you probably mean diigo.com