[Get]Random Profile Generator, Name, City, State, Age, Sex, etc. in Excel

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    This is an Excel file I created to populate a site with users. This is only part, the full file created a SQL script to run on my server. What it does is create first and last names (43 million possible), sex, age, user name, city (29,000+ real cities), state (50 plus territories) and email address (fake).
    Tried to do the math on the possible combinations that can be created, lets just say it goes into the trillions++++. Right now it's setup to output around 1,200 users at a time, if you want to create more, just copy all of the rows down on the output page.
    Can be tweaked to your own use, change age range, etc.
    It's set to update when refreshed or loaded so it does not save your output.
    Here is the file:
    Virus Check:
    WTF? Can't get VT to work...Page just hangs. Can someone check it for me?
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