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    Seen a few post asking about good themes and these are some really nicely designed themes so a good start for those looking. One main drawback though is themes with this kind of integration and feature set can be a bit harder to get working/understand/update...which is why some of these newer themes are given free but you pay for the support if you want it.

    My favorites have always been the various "revolution" themes. Amazing design and flow and most would fit nicely on major business blogs, let alone your crappy celeb gossip blog (oh wait, that's mine). Crazy thing is, the dozen or so themes that were originally called "revolution" (r1) were taken off the market. Those are the ones I liked a lot myself but you can't buy them anymore (though there have been "demo versions" posted here before and probably still around).

    The new revolution themes (v2) were a bit less "clean" in my opinion but still some pretty damn amazing pieces of design. The confusing part was that they were giving them all away for free testing out a new business model trying to reflect the model of wordpress itself. So for a few months you could download them and use them as you wished (according to gpl rules). They were only going to charge for access to the support forums and tutorials. Awesome for us. But sometime in the last month or two they took the download links down off the official site and not sure if they are sill "available" for free or not. I haven't been able to find any official word about them. But I have found a blog that still has them all up on his own host to download .

    for demos of all the themes check the official site: http://www.revolutiontwo.com/themes

    You can download all the rev2 themes here (scroll to the bottom for an "all in one" download link): http://www.millionclues.com/category/blogosphere/wordpress-blogosphere/wordpress-themes
    That's 10 great themes to start.

    WooThemes kind of followed suite and released some of their themes for free as well. Including the "original premium news" and "snapshot" which are both great.

    Download 4 free woothemes here: http://www.woothemes.com/category/themes/free/

    ElevateThemes has a free one as well with what looks like some more planned. Grab it here: http://www.elevatethemes.com/ (click "details" to find download link)

    So that is 15 great themes to get you started for free, and "legal" lol. If anyone else has any other free "premium" themes feel free to add

    if you are at all interested in any of them, I'd suggest just downloading them all until you need them. Who knows when they might change their minds or links go dead and such.

    found this at another place
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