✅✅ [GET] PREMIUM AWS $1,000 Credit Accounts ✅✅ $880 OFF

May we know how to warm up these accounts? To avoid getting banned
May we know how to warm up these accounts? To avoid getting banned

Since Amazon offer 100+ services it is very difficult for me to tell you exactly what to do. However from experience I'll tell you what you should avoid doing.

- Do not request higher vCPUs that the default 5 in the first month. Having 1 bill generated first helps warming up.
- Do not request larger instances in the first 2-3 weeks, if you have a generated a few smaller instances first and worked on those for some time that helps.
- Other than that, common sense helps for instance not too many actions in a short period of time
- Login and work from one location only using a residential proxy
If you follow the precautions he provides, this works perfectly. I did, and it worked flawlessly. Got a $1000 account for just $120, and there were no issues


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OP is selling product that they were not approved for so we have had to lock this thread.
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