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  • The stats on the account was more or less accurate to the stats that have been advertised in the sales thread.
  • The account could be logged into successfully without issues.
  • The account was investigated and there was no evidence that it was hacked.
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With anything more than 5 going in here
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Thanks @iModBot @Echo for your quick processing.

Offering 3 review copies to users with the following requirements.

- join date at least 2 years
- post count > 400
- reaction count > 150
I received an AWS account registered in Greece.
The account has a credit grant of $1000 right off the bat and doesn't require any credit limit increment requests.
The credits have 2 years of validity.
I was able to login and start a test instance without any hassle and it's running absolutely fine so far.

Seller delivered as promised.
Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 15.52.22.png
I got my review copy from OP.

A proper account, located in Greece.

The OP asked me to use a residential proxy and happily made a recommendation for a cost effective proxy service here on BHW.

The account logged in just fine.

The account has a $1000 credit as OP suggests.

Most services are enabled.

I launched a couple instances and have been using them without any issue since the past Thursday.

Definitely recommend this provider.
Can you start your own business on AWS on a budget?

- Determine the hosting plans you'll offer. Specify the resources for each plan, such as CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. Decide on pricing models, considering on-demand, reserved instances, or spot instances.

- Choose the appropriate EC2 instances for your hosting plans considering instance type, family, and size based on the requirements of your clients.

- Set up security groups to control inbound and outbound traffic to your instances. Create key pairs for secure access to your EC2 instances.

- Create a launch configuration that includes your chosen AMI (Amazon Machine Image), instance type, security groups, and other settings. This configuration defines how instances are launched within your environment.

- Utilize Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to distribute incoming traffic across multiple EC2 instances. This enhances fault tolerance and enables efficient scaling.

- Set up Amazon CloudWatch to monitor the performance of your EC2 instances. Define alarms for key metrics, such as CPU utilization and network traffic.

- Implement regular backups using Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store) snapshots to ensure data durability and provides a recovery point in case of issues.

- Establish scaling policies to automatically adjust the number of instances based on predefined conditions, such as increased traffic or specific performance thresholds.

- Use instance tagging to organize and categorize your EC2 instances to make it easier managing resources, tracking costs, and implementing policies.

- Configure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) settings for your EC2 instances. Define subnets, route tables, and network ACLs to control the flow of traffic.

- Implement cost management strategies, such as using AWS Budgets to monitor and control spending. Consider reserved instances for predictable workloads.
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